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HMS deny credit
Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School has withdrawn from an annual ranking of the nation’s top medical schools, citing allegations that it hinders support for low-income students. Let’s see why HMS dropped out of the US News and World Report rankings in detail.

Withdrawal of HMS Merit:

Dean George Daley announced the decision in a message to the medical school community on Tuesday, citing “philosophical” problems with the long-standing US News & World Report ranking.

Parents and prospective students often consult this ranking of the best medical schools in the country when choosing which universities to apply to.

The institution’s representative said he was influenced by recent decisions made by the deans of Yale and Harvard law schools, praising them as “courageous and courageous.”

In November, Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken removed her institution from the company’s list of law schools last November

The institution declared its intention to stop providing data to US Report for tabulation and denounced the ranking methodology as fundamentally flawed and a disincentive for low-income students.

Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken said the system encourages colleges to give financial aid to students who perform well academically instead of low-income applicants who are in greater need.

Why HMS Denied Merit:

The annual compilation is currently criticized as “flawed” by those who believe it adversely affects students’ chances of getting jobs, graduate school admissions and PhD enrollments. programs.

Previously, Harvard Medical School was ranked seventh for primary care, but first in the country for research.

Dean Daly said the recent choice by Harvard and Yale Law Schools to withdraw from its ranking of top law schools due to equity concerns motivated the school’s decision to refrain from providing information to media businesses about its tables.

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“The rankings cannot meaningfully reflect the high aspirations for educational excellence, graduate preparedness, and compassionate and equitable patient care that we strive to foster in our medical education program,” said Daly, a longtime HMS faculty member. who was appointed dean of the school in 2017.

“The ranking is wrong,” Gerken says:

According to Gerken, the current ranking undervalues ​​initiatives to help low-income students and programs that support low-wage public service jobs.

Gerken said, “The ranking of American news is deeply flawed.”

They demotivate programs that promote public interest careers, advocate for need-based aid, and encourage working-class students to go into the field.

“His approach not only fails to improve the legal profession, it stands directly in the way of progress.”

Ultimately, the dean concluded that the system undermined charitable attempts to provide students with opportunities for institutions to prioritize rankings for reputation.

US News Ranking Controversies:

“In fact, in recent years we have invested significant energy and capital in important initiatives that make our law school a better place, but we are working hard to lower our scores,” she added of the university’s work

She also criticized colleges that give scholarships to students with the highest grades rather than those who actually need the money.

“This heavily weighted metric puts tremendous pressure on schools to overlook promising students, especially those who cannot afford expensive test prep courses,” according to Gerken.

“At a time when concerns about economic justice are at the center of our national dialogue, only two law schools in the country continue to provide entirely need-based aid—Harvard and Yale.”

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The dean also mentioned that graduates who accepted school-funded scholarships for public service positions or continued to enroll in further education appeared to be labeled as unemployed in the US News rankings.

US News & World Report, which began publishing these rankings in the 1980s, has been criticized in recent months by multiple academic institutions, including Harvard Law, for establishing ties to the company.

Several additional law schools joined Yale and Harvard in dropping out of the rankings, both of which are among the best in the country.

These withdrawals follow as a result of controversy over the US News ranking system.

What was the student’s reaction?

WolfHowlz comment

Honestly, I saw it coming when I remembered that he had dropped out of Yale and then Harvard the same day shortly after. Harvard knows they are in the top 10 in pretty much everything and they don’t need US N&R to say otherwise…honestly not much will change I feel except for some minor stats to be left out or… ?

Thecaramelbandit published,

I think this is a solid move. It takes away any motivation to work the numbers for the USNWR. It can be liberating for admissions and teaching if you don’t have to worry about the last 0.01 GPA and whatever for a student you want to admit.

Nanocyborgasm comment

This report is crap anyway, so Harvard doesn’t lose anything.

Toothed Gyros comment

I don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, I’m glad to see the USNWR toned down, as a lot of it is nitpicking and largely pointless. On the other hand, it is very easy for Harvard to take this position because they are Harvard. You don’t need the USNWR to know they have a strong reputation, but some other institutions can really benefit from that. As someone with no previous connections to medicine before entering medicine, I had no idea of ​​the reputation of Michigan, Sinai, UCSF, etc., and USNWR really helps fill that gap

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housemd4life comment

This is true. Some schools like UCSF are indeed top tier in medicine but are unknown outside of medicine. I personally didn’t know about UCSF until undergrad.

Throwaway_9494949 published,

This is most likely due to the possible termination of affirmative action in the coming months by the Supreme Court. As with law schools withdrawing from rankings, this allows you to proceed with affirmative action in all but name without hurting your rankings. The LSAT played a large role in law school rankings, which will eventually be phased out after 2025. Likewise, the MCAT also plays a large role in rankings. As some may recall, NYU jumped up in the rankings after their average MCAT scores and GPAs rose when they made tuition free.

housemd4life comment

I hope medical schools don’t choose the MCAT. It’s the only way those of us with harder majors with low GPAs (CS, Engineering, Chemistry, Math) can prove to the adcoms our scientific literacy.

ducttapetricorn comment

This is most likely due to the possible termination of affirmative action in the coming months by the Supreme Court. As with law schools withdrawing from rankings, this allows you to proceed with affirmative action in all but name without hurting your rankings.


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