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    Why did Melanie Andres-Tobiason commit suicide?  What Happened to the Former Las Vegas Judge?  dies at 53

Las Vegas judge Melanie Andres-Tobiason, who resigned to avoid an ethics hearing, killed herself. Let’s see why she killed herself and what happened to the former Las Vegas judge in detail.

What happened to Melanie Andres-Tobiason?

Before facing an ethics hearing, Melanie Andres-Tobiason, 53, resigned as a justice of the peace. KLAS-TV LAS VEGAS- Troubled former Las Vegas judge to leave bench in 2021. killed himself on friday according to individuals who spoke to the Now Investigators news channel.

Ahead of a hearing on ethics complaints, Melanie Andres-Tobiason, 53, resigned from her position as a Las Vegas justice of the peace. Her ethics hearing was set to begin in 2021. Her resignation was part of a settlement that ended the trial.

Tobiason was the subject of a nearly two-year investigation by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline. In connection with the request by the police to investigate a clothing company where her daughter worked, she was charged with a number of crimes. It was a front for prostitution, according to the former judge.

Why did Tobiason kill himself?

Tobiason said it was trying to protect her daughter from sex trafficking when she complained that the Las Vegas Metro Police Department ignored information she presented in an interview with 8 News Now Investigators.

The lawsuit states Tobiason’s phone was then tracked by police, who alleged she obstructed a vice investigation.

8 News Now investigators discovered the FBI was investigating the unit at the same time as its own probe. Without pressing charges against officials, they later closed the case.

Tobiason attended and graduated from Bishop Gorman High School. Prior to being appointed to the bench in 1999, she worked in the Clark County District Attorney’s Office. Tobiason was re-elected several times.

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Who was Melanie Andres-Tobiason?

Judge Melanie Andres-Tobiason presides over the Nevada Circuit Court in Las Vegas. She ran for office again in 2018 and left the court in 2021.

Tobiason, 53, a graduate of Bishop Gorman High School, was born in Las Vegas. She graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California with a law degree and was licensed to practice law in Nevada in 1993.

Tobiason worked in the Clark County District Attorney’s office before taking her position on the court as a justice of the peace in 1999. In 2009, she was elected to the Las Vegas bench.

She claims that her work is “my passion, my fun and my love”. And being vindictive, they again denied me the opportunity to announce my resignation in a way that respected my career. This was their last chance to shoot me and harm me.

In response to inquiries about off-the-bench profanity and administrative complaints involving judicial officers, the panel declined to remove Tobiason and fellow Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Amy Cellini at a hearing in late 2019. However, the panel’s investigation into Tobiason continued.

Tobiason also revealed on Friday that she had spent seven weeks negotiating her exit contract. She admitted that she did not make an easy choice. “But I knew it was the right choice as they weren’t going to leave me alone while I was on the bench,” he continued. Tobiason replied, “I’ll do whatever I want for the rest of my life,” when asked what she would do after coming off the bench.

The resignation of Melanie Tobiason

Los Angeles peace attorney Melanie Tobiason has decided to resign rather than defend herself against ethics charges that she illegally interfered in a double homicide investigation and had ties to a member of organized crime.

An agreement with the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline requires her to step down from the bench next week. The agreement says Tobiason “further provides that, upon leaving judicial office, she shall not seek or accept judicial office in the State of Nevada at any time in the future, nor shall she undertake or perform any assignment with the definition of “judge”.

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Tobiason said Friday that she had not received a copy of the signed contract and that she had been informed that the commission would not release her agreement until next week.

I’m pretty upset about it and it caught me off guard,” she noted. It was agreed that they would wait until the 7th to release this, so when she found out it was posted this morning she expressed her great disappointment. I truly believe they are using this as another chance to harm me and prevent me from making a statement to them.

Paul Dale, the commission’s executive director, did not immediately return phone calls Friday. Once the judge officially resigns, commissioners will name a replacement, according to Clark County spokesman Eric Papa.

A special election for residents of the city of Las Vegas, which is slightly larger than the city of Las Vegas, may also be held by the commissioners.

Several accusations

The commission said Tobiason called on detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department to investigate a clothing store where her daughter worked because she believed it was a front for an illegal club where teenagers engaged in drinking, drug use and prostitution. This led to a long list of accusations against Tobiason.

The panel said Tobiason disregarded the law, failed to comply with it and allowed family obligations and relationships to influence her decisions. To discredit the judge, Tobiason’s lawyers accused the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline of violating its own rules and procedures.

When in reality Tobiason stated, “What I did was appropriate and should be appreciated, I was attacked, lied to and accused of misconduct.” “For three years I was tortured and lied to,” the resignation said.

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The bottom line is that I didn’t resign because of something I did wrong, she continued. I left because I was accused of acting in a completely inappropriate manner. When I called the police to report a crime, nothing was done. I never messed around with the inquiry.

Tobiason said she incurred legal costs totaling nearly $600,000 to refute the allegations. The commission was scheduled to begin proceedings on May 17.

Tobiason’s lawyers have cited several factual inaccuracies in the charges against her in an ongoing dispute with the commission. At one point, cops began monitoring Tobiason’s phone when Metro opened its probe to the judge.

Despite Metro’s determination that the judge had not broken any laws, officers discovered Tobiason had spoken or attempted to speak to a man named Anthony Danna between July 2017 and December 2017. Danna was described by the panel as “known and an established organized crime figure.”

Tobiason’s lawyers countered that a mobster by that name died in 1984. Also, according to the commission, Tobiason acquitted Dana of domestic assault charges after she later texted a judge because he was eluding authorities in another case.

However, it appears from online court documents that Dana’s charges have been dropped. According to the court’s website, the case was dismissed due to “lack of progress.”

This is an ongoing investigation, check back later for updates.


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