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Why was Ronald Mkwanazi sacked by Uzalo?  The legendary actor is in shock

A month after Menzi Biela and Nompilo Maphumulo were ‘fired’, Uzalo has allegedly fired actor Ronald Mkhwanazi (Bab’Nsimbi). Famous actors Nompilo Maphumulo and Menzi Biela, who play Pastor Gwala and Nozipho, and legendary actor Ronald Mkwanazi are the other two stars to be evicted from Uzalo. After being let go from the SABC 1 soap opera, Ronald Mkwanazi, who played the role, has joined the list of celebrities who are currently out of work. The actor, who has roles in German series, seemed extremely affected when he learned the bad news. Let’s learn more about why Ronald Mkwanazi was sacked by Uzalo in detail.

  • Ronald Mkhwanazi, a seasoned actor who played Bab Nsimbi in the soap opera, has been fired by Uzalo.
  • The star, who has appeared in German TV shows, doesn’t seem to have affected the show’s popularity, according to the producer.
  • Ronald announced his departure from the soap opera and expressed his appreciation for the chance he was offered to show off his skills.

Why was Ronald Mkwanazi sacked?

According to a Uzalo source, Ronald Mkhwanazi, who plays Njinji’s lover Bab’Nsimbi, was stunned to learn that his contract had expired. “The producers believed it because he was unpopular he was does not affect the number of views. They decided to throw out his character. He was stunned by this and his eyes showed pain.

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Mkhwanazi is the third member of the Magwaza family to leave the show after Omuhle Gela who took over the role of Nomaswazi Magwaza and Siyabonga Radebe who portrays Viaka Magwaza. He joined Isibaya actor Thembi Nyandeni, who portrays Njinji in the SAABC1 soap opera.

The seasoned actor has spent two decades in theater performances and many TV shows abroad. He previously revealed to Daily Sun that after returning from abroad ten years ago, he was met with hunger as he unsuccessfully tried his luck at audition after audition.

“I tried my luck at several auditions, but none were successful. I have no money left. You won’t have money if you don’t work. I remained optimistic as I expected failure. This continued until Uzalo came to my rescue.

Ronald Mkwanazi announces his departure from Uzalo

At the end of the month, Ronald will do his final appearance in the program. Another source claims that his character will disappear and that he will never have the opportunity to visit Uzalo again. The actor said he has “no hard feelings” and that he is leaving Uzalo.

Online reports claim that in the SABC1 soap opera Uzalo, the character Bab’Nsimbi, played by actor Ronald Mkhwanazi, will die. His character Nsimbi will pass away and Magwaza’s family will be grieved, the insider informed Daily Sun. That means he won’t be coming back. Really unreliable, this thing. You are employed today; the next day you are unemployed.

The celebrity also acknowledged his departure, thanked Stained Glass TV for the opportunity and said he had no hard feelings because it was time to leave. Nomfundo Zondi, spokesperson for Uzalo, said the program would inform viewers of any changes. According to TVSA Uzalo teasers, Mkhwanazi’s character will die at the end of February.


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