Who Is Gilang Widya Pramana Aka Juragan99? Check Juragan 99 Latest Arrest News & Fraud Charges

Nowadays, Gilang Widya Pramana Aka Juragan99 has been gaining a huge amount of interest among the public on the internet web. Although, there is a rumor of Juragan 99 arrest news has been revolving around the internet web. For that reason, he has been trending at the top of Google searches. Most people have been taking an interest to know more about him. Since we got to know that he is not listed on the Wikipedia page. Since then we have decided to provide you with proper information regarding Gilang Widya Pramana Aka Juragan99 Wiki bio, Age, Wife, net worth, and more. Follow Bulletin Zone for more trending news.

Who Is Juragan 99 Aka Gilang Widya Pramana? Check Juragan 99 Latest Arrest News & Fraud Charges

Gilang Widya Pramana Aka Juragan99 Wiki Bio

Right now, Gilang Widya Pramana is listed at most top trend searches on the internet web. According to the sources, Shandy Purnamsari is the wife of Gilang Widya Pramana. In a recent controversy, both husband and wife’s names popped up on the internet web. Since then people have been curious to know more about him. According to the reports, it is being said that he has been arrested due to fraudulent investment cases of Indra Kenz and Doni Salmanan of Crazy Rich Medan and Crazy Rich Bandung.

As per our reliable sources, Juragan 99 was born on May 4, 1989. Right now, he has got himself into trouble in the fraudulent and illicit. Apart from it, he is a well-known businessman who has founded J99 Corporation. Also, the corporation engages with beauty, minerals, water, transportation, and automotive business.

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Gilang Widya Pramana Wife

Here, we are going to provide you with the personal information of Gilang Widya Pramana. In this section, we are talking about his other half Shandy Purnamasari. Both couples have been in a relationship for a long time. Yet, Juragan 99 would also like to keep his personal information away from the limelight. At present, we do not have any further information about their children.

Gilang Widya Pramana Net Worth

Ever since Gilang Widya Pramana’s arrest news has gone viral on the internet web. Most people are desperate to know about his net worth and annual income. As far as we know, he has been a successful businessman in his career. As per the reports, Juragan 99 Aka Gilang Widya Pramana’s net worth is $1 to 5 million USD.

Is Juragan 99 Arrested Or Not?

Let us tell you that there isn’t official news have released regarding Juragan 99 Arrest. Until we do not have any official updates, we could get to the conclusion for now.

It could happen that someone has spread a rumor about business on the internet.

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