GMA Colleagues Allegedly Blame Head Honcho For TJ Holmes And Amy Robach’s Long Stay ⋆ Somag News

The fallout from the alleged workplace romance between Amy Robach and TJ Holmes by GMA3: What you need to know still applies. As of now, the two are still suspended from their posts and an internal investigation is ongoing. The controversial situation obviously affected Holmes and Robach, but there were also rumors about the impact it had on their colleagues at ABC News. In the past, reports have claimed that employees have not been excited over the past few months. Robach and Holmes’ colleagues are now said to be accusing the company chief in a lengthy investigation.

According to insiders, Kim Godwin, the head of ABC News, angered her staff. Anonymous people tell Page Six that people are losing patience as they anxiously await a decision on the fate of their co-workers. When Godwin provided an update in December, she stated that TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s future with GMA will only be determined after the investigation is complete. Meanwhile, people online were in a foul mood, sources say:

It’s been two months! It was a two-month tabloid frenzy. The place is not in a very good location [to be]. It affects morale – not so much talent. These are ordinary people who keep the lights on. Morale is at an all-time low.

Earlier this month, it was reported that GMA employees have strong opinions about their colleagues. Sources at the time said officials were “not on their side.” They also don’t think these two will stay online after the verification is complete. Overall, Kim Godwin appears to be under serious peer pressure. In addition, another insider claims that her decision could determine the reputation of the brand in the future.

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All the while, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach have reportedly been living in a different reality for the past few months. The two did not hide their relationship, as they were spotted on the street several times. There were particularly strong thoughts on Twitter about the two going out in public together. Another time, photographers spotted Robach meeting with estranged husband Andrew Shue to manage custody of their dog Brody. While this all sounds mostly like free time, Holmes and Robach have taken steps at this point to try to secure their future with the Alphabet network.

The couple are reportedly ready to sue ABC, as both have apparently hired lawyers in case they have to fight for their jobs. Legal experts and insiders shared their thoughts on whether TJ Holmes and Amy Robach will indeed be fired. Neither Kim Godwin nor the entertainment conglomerate gave any indication of either. However, the lawyer says they can be fired, although any buyout or compensation could be costly to the company.

Of course, it is not yet known whether these talks should actually take place at some point. Only time will tell when and how Kim Godwin and her partners decide to deal with the two journalists. And if this latest news is to be believed, she’ll want to make a choice as soon as possible to keep her employees happy.

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