GWSN reportedly wins first case against Wave Music, abuse of participants exposed ⋆ Somag News

According to several media reports, all members of the girl group GWSN won a lawsuit against THE WAVE MUSIC on January 1 and terminated their contracts. The company reportedly did not respond to the lawsuit, so the decision was made by default.

GWSN debuted in September 2018 under Kiwi Media Group. Then, when Kiwi Media Group went bankrupt in July 2020, the group signed to The WAVE MUSIC.

However, after this change in GWSN, there was a sharp decrease in promotions at the end of 2021. Then, from 2022 until today, GWSN stopped all activities, leaving fans to wonder where the contestants were.

Unfortunately, as this has become an all too familiar story in the k-pop, the lawsuit also revealed the treatment GWSN was subjected to.

Court documents show that as of February 2022, all participants were evicted from their homes because the agency stopped paying rent, and in July of that year, the ballroom was emptied and all employees and managers responsible for GWSN left the agency.

It also turned out that two foreign participants Mia from Japan and Soso from Taiwan already have criminal records because the agency did not pay for their visa formalities.

According to the report, THE MUSIC OF THE WAVE also failed to provide sufficient evidence that participants were paid their fair share of wages.

In response to the result, the GWSN side issued a brief statement.

“The management of signed artists is one of The WAVE MUSIC’s most important tasks as stated in the exclusive contracts.

The lack of care for the members, as well as the failure to provide transparent financial reports, has undermined the trust between The WAVE MUSIC and GWSN members. Therefore, the contracts can no longer be considered valid. »

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Kpop fans and netizens reacted to the news. They commented:

  • “I can’t believe The WAVE MUSIC decided to ignore the members.”
  • “Criminal charges? What the hell is that? “
  • “Evicted from the hostel for not paying the rent? And now do foreign members have criminal records due to immigration law fines? How cruel is that to GWSN?!”
  • “I remember this group because I found the Japanese member quite attractive. I can’t believe this is happening to them…”
  • “Underqualified management companies should NOT sign contracts with foreign nationals.”
    “Criminal record because of immigration laws, huh?” It sucks, I thought GWSN there was a lot of potential… I wish all the best to the participants.
  • “A CRIMINAL CASE? What the hell is that…”
  • WAVE MUSIC had to go out of business AFTER taking care of the contracts. I can’t believe the participants were still associated with management even though it cost them fines.
  • “WTF… what will the contestants do? What is?
  • “Huh?! I still listen to GWSN songs though. I can’t believe this is happening to the participants. I’m confused… THE WAVE MUSIC just flew out of their heads.”

We hope things go better for the participants.