Gwyneth Chua Arrested: What Happened to Poblacion Girl? Check Arrest Charges & Latest Details

Gwyneth Chua: The internet is filled with the search for “Poblacion Girl”  after the news broke on social media.  People are talking about the new news that hit the internet and is continuously shared among people.

According to various articles on the internet, the girl who is widely known as “Poblacion Girl” has been charged for breaching Covid-19 norms and regulations. According to the people the woman is known to be  Gwyneth Chua. After knowing the identity of the person, people want to know what happened.

According to the reports prosecutors of Makati City agreed to file the criminal case against Poblacion Girl for defying the quarantine mandates. 

Gwyneth Chua

Who Is Gwyneth Chua, Poblacion Girl Arrested For Criminal Charges?

There are Many theories are floating the internet regarding  Gwyneth Anne Chua. Time after time new development has been made in this case and we are here with all exclusive reports and information.

According to the reports, Gwyneth Anne Chua returned from the US on 22nd December 2021 and she had to perform quarantine mandates but she allegedly breached the rules and increase the threat of covid spread. Furthermore, a security guard has been charged as a accomplish for helping her escape from the quarantine facility. The alleged security guard was the guard of Berjaya Hotel.

What Happened To Gwyneth Chua? Check Poblacion Girl Arrest Charges & Reason

She has already arrived in the Philippines, where there are 4 elements of infection as we write this report. The third has returned to manila from Qatari, whereas the four is a 38-year-old American lady. A return Filipino visiting Japanese and a Nigerian guy was the first 2 Omicron contaminated patients. The first two patients had moderate symptoms such as coughing, scratchy neck, and a fever, while the two additional afflicted individuals remained silent. 

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According to the Makati City Office of City Prosecutor (OCP), on 23rd December 2021, Anne was seen partying with friends in Poblacion, Makati City. Later some days on the 26th Dec she was found to test positive for the infection. Reports also claimed that other fellows of Gwyneth Anne Chua were also found infected with the virus. A preliminary investigation has been carried out on the orders of OCP after a complaint file was lodged by PNP and CIDG against her and her fellows for breaching RA 11332.

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