“Harry and Meghan’s Dogs Take Flight Amid Air Royal Controversies: Air New Zealand Moves Forward”

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Introduction: Prince Harry’s highly anticipated memoir, “Spare,” has finally been released to the public. With 400 pages, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have provided a candid look into their lives, including their relationship with the royal family and the events leading up to their exit from the monarchy. Through the memoir, readers can gain insight into the couple’s experiences, from their first meeting with the Prince and Princess of Wales to their criticism from Air New Zealand. Additionally, readers can get a glimpse into the Duke’s childhood and time in the army. With its candid account of the royal family, Prince Harry’s memoir is sure to be a fascinating read.

Prince Harry just released his gargantuan (400 pages to be exact) memoir, which was nonetheless highly anticipated. It was this memoir that was previously seen as an obstacle to their multi-million dollar deal with Netflix. However, the hunger for the lack of domestic royal drama following Oprah’s interview was very generously compensated by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In late 2022, they released their candid documentary on Netflix.

The documentary was enough to fill the ubiquitous narrative that the royal family was racist and mistreated not only Meghan Markle, but their own ginger prince in the middle of it. Despite the countless sad moments in the documentary, it remains formal to a certain level. For example, Meghan Markle tells how she first met the Prince and Princess of Wales.

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And instead of directly calling them rude, the former “Force Majeure” actress opted for a nuanced approach, “I think some people are like that.” However, Prince Harry is disappointed with his narrative in his memoir, which makes it all the more interesting. And given that the prince was candid in his account, you can expect the dig to be just as brutal. However, no one expected Air New Zealand to lead the race.

Air New Zealand criticized Harry and Meghan

The Prince’s memoirs can be divided into three parts: childhood, time in the army, and the third part is a combination of his meeting with Meghan Markle and leaving the royal family. And it wouldn’t be the Prince’s true memoir if it wasn’t for the mention of his father-in-law, aka Thomas Markle, who lied to him about staged paparazzi photos. Also, the memoir takes us to 2018.

“We told him, leave Mexico right now: a whole new level of stalking is about to hit you, so come to the UK. Now,” Harry wrote in his memoir. And a recurring theme in the memoir is the prince’s penchant for mentioning almost anything Meghan Markle paid for. It is not clear if this was done to prove that Meghan Markle is not a gold digger. “Air New Zealand First Class booked and paid for by Meg,” Prince Harry wrote.

The only problem is that Air New Zealand has no “first class” at all. Also, Air New Zealand has never had a direct flight from Mexico to England. This led to the airline becoming one of the first to discover the prince. “Introducing #SussexClass, apparently soon,” the airline tweeted. The memoirs, which came out only on January 10, are already for categorical refutation.

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Do you think Prince Harry is he lying or is it a memory error? Let us know in the comments below.