“Harry Styles Takes Legal Action Against Online Sellers of Fake Goods: Somag News”

Harry Styles, the British pop star and former One Direction member, has taken legal action to protect his fans from counterfeiters. In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Chicago, his lawyers have requested a full seizure of unauthorized items that are being sold online. These items, which include t-shirts, are being sold on legitimate marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon, making it difficult for customers to distinguish between authentic and fake products. The lawsuit also claims that many of these counterfeit materials are being sold by online sellers based in China and other countries with weak trademark protection systems. In addition, Harry Styles is set to embark on his Love On Tour next summer, which will include stops in the UK and Ireland. Fans can purchase tickets to the tour and listen to his latest album, ‘Harry’s House’, which was recently named one of the 50 Best Albums of 2022 by NME magazine.

Harry Styles filed a lawsuit against online sellers to prevent the sale of unauthorized goods on the Internet.

According to Rolling Stone, lawyers representing the pop star filed the lawsuit in federal court in Chicago on Tuesday (January 10).

It said: “The plaintiff is compelled to bring this action to combat the counterfeiting of its registered trademarks by the defendants and to protect uninformed consumers from purchasing counterfeit products over the Internet.”

The counterfeit goods were allegedly listed on legitimate online marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon. The lawsuit says the merchandise is “difficult to distinguish such stores from an authorized retailer.”

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Stiles’ attorneys requested a full seizure of the unauthorized items as part of the lawsuit. The document provides specific URLs, not actual providers or individuals.

The suit added: “The tactics used by Defendants to conceal their identities and the full extent of their activities make it nearly impossible for Plaintiff to discover the true identities of Defendants and the precise interplay of their fraudulent network.”

It also notes that many counterfeit materials are intercepted by online sellers based mainly in China and “other foreign jurisdictions with a weak trademark protection system.”

According to Billboard Pro, the ban on removing unauthorized merchandise has recently been enforced by the likes of Nirvana and the estates of the late rapper XXXTentacion.

It emerged yesterday (January 11) that the woman has been ordered to pay back £140,000 she earned selling fake music t-shirts online.

Joanna Donnelly sold unlicensed merchandise to bands including Foo Fighters, The Stone Roses, The Stranglers, The Clash and Led Zeppelin and earned £250,000 over a three-year period.

The judge ordered Donnelly to pay £141,655 within three months or face a five-month prison sentence.

Meanwhile, Harry Styles is set to return to the UK and Ireland next summer as part of his massive Love On Tour. You can see the full schedule and find remaining tickets here.

The singer’s third solo album ‘Harry’s House’ came in at number 16 on NME magazine’s ’50 Best Albums of 2022′ list last month. Its lead single ‘The Way It Was’ came in at number three on our ’50 Best Songs of 2022′ chart.

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