How did Anthony Adera die? The father of the simple boy of the rapper Stevo died

How did Anthony Adera die?  The father of the simple boy of the rapper Stevo died

Rapper Stevo just a boy lost his father: This morning we received the tragic news that Anthony Adera, the father of Stephen Otieno Adera aka Stevo Simple Boy has passed away. Stevo Simple Boy, a budding rapper from Kenya, is in mourning after the death of his father. Let’s see what happened to Stevo’s father and the cause of death of Anthony Adera in this article.

Anthony Adera’s cause of death

On Sunday morning, the rapper’s management announced that the rapper’s father, Anthony Adera, has passed away. Stevo and his family learned the tragic news Sunday morning, according to a statement posted on social media by the rapper’s management.

The singer’s management released a brief statement asking his followers to join him in prayer at this difficult time, but did not mention the cause of death.

“We received the tragic news this morning that Anthony Adera, the father of Stephen Otieno Adera, also known as Stevo Simple Boy, has passed away.

“We ask all his fans and friends to support him in these difficult times and keep him in their prayers.”

Who is the rapper Stevo?

Steven Otieno Adera, better known by his stage name Stevo Simple Boy, was born in Kenya on January 28, 1990. He uses rap to discuss issues that are important to society.

He rose to prominence in 2019 when he released the song ‘Mihadarati’ in which he warned against drug use. This followed his appearance on ‘The Chipukeezy Show’ on Ebru TV.

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Before moving to Nairobi, Stevo was born and raised in a family of eight in Oyugis, Homabai County. He started recording in 2015, although he has been active in the music industry since 2007.

Musical career

After a song he had previously released in 2017 titled “Mihadarati” became news, Stevo rose to prominence in 2019. As the song discussed the risks of drug use, it was played on many radio and television stations in the area .

In the same year, 2019, Stevo was appointed as an ambassador for Kenya’s NACADA (National Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse).

It hurts is the title of a song by Stevo from late 2019 called “Inauma”. The trolls he encounters online served as inspiration for this song. Throughout his career, the singer has faced numerous online haters.

He produced a song in 2020 called “Tuhishini Ndoa” which means “respect marriages”. He discusses marriage and exhorts couples to respect marriages in the song. Stevo left his previous management at the beginning of January 2022 and joined Men in Business, a management and recording company.

The song “Ni Nani” which features Adasa, Vaga Genius (CEO – Men in Business), Vinc on the Beat and DJ Stonefab (Chezaa Africa) collaborate to help him revive his music career.


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