How did Jason Pearson die? What happened to the comic book artist

Jason Pearson, comic book artist, passed away on December 19, 2022. The comics industry has lost a great figure and his contribution to the world of comics will never be forgotten.

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Jason Pearson, who recently passed away, was a highly respected American comic book writer and artist. He has been celebrated for his outstanding contributions to comics such as Legion of Super-Heroes, The Dragon: Blood & Guts, Global Frequency, and his own creator-owned series, Body Bags. Jason is one of the founders of Atlanta-based Gaijin Studios and has been involved in many projects under the studio.

He made his mark in the comics industry with his debut comic, Body Bags, which was published in 1996 by Dark Horse Comics and Blanc Noir. The comic quickly sold out and reached the top of the “Wizard Top-10” list, cementing his reputation as a prominent comic book artist.

Jason Pearson died after suffering a heart attack at his home in Atlanta. Pearson’s family posted a Facebook message from Pearson’s account expressing their sadness and grief at his death and expressing how much he will be missed by both loved ones and fans.

Expressing his grief at Pearson’s death, one of his best friends, Michael Alexandropoulos, shared a post on Facebook. He wrote: “It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of one of my best friends and legendary artist Jason Pearson. On December 19, Jason suffered a heart attack at his home in Atlanta. He is survived by his mother, Rosie Pearson. It was her decision to keep this from the public until the end of the holiday season to spare everyone this tremendous loss and grief.

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I and others who were very close to Jason are just devastated by this news. He had turned the corner and was very happy with how life was going for him. His demons were defeated and he was looking forward to showing the world his masterpiece Body Bags.

People like me who were lucky enough to know the real man he was.

Caring, loving, spiritual, stubborn, outspoken, late to everything, funny, in love with Call of Duty and most of all loyal to his friends and family. We will miss him terribly. His voice. His leadership. His laughter and most of all his unwavering love. The world has lost a great artist and we have lost a brother.

I will miss you bro I can’t believe you are gone. See you on the other side.

I love you always.

Your friend and brother


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Another of Pearson’s friends, Aldrin Au, wrote: “By now some of you have read about the death of Jason Pearson. A great artist, an artist’s artist and a troubled soul.

Jason’s work speaks for itself in how amazing and impactful it is from the first look to the many times you come back to admire it.

But I will remember the guy I spent some time with at SDCC 1994. The same guy who, instead of hanging out with the big stars of the comic book world, spent the weekend with me and a bunch of awkward crazies, drinking, laughing, and cracking jokes in self-deprecating humor just to make us laugh. We all fell in love with that big bright smile and the big brother hugs he had for everyone. Over the years, Jason laughed less, he smiled less, and things became dark and unpleasant. We tried to contact him and unfortunately some of our efforts were not welcomed. I’m very sad because I won’t see him get out of the mud and shine again, smile again… laugh again. May heaven wrap you in its warm embrace, take away your pain and give you the peace you longed for. Rest in peace.

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Our deepest sympathy to the family, friends and loved ones of the late comic artist Jason Pearson. We support them in this difficult time and pray for their strength and comfort. May Jason’s soul rest in peace.

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