How did John Baer die? They explained the cause of death of the former sports director

John Baer
Athletic director John Baer has died

John Baer, ​​former sports director of KGAN-TV, has died at age 61. Let’s see how the former sports director died and what was the cause of John Baer’s death in detail.

How did John Baer die?

John Baer, ​​former sports director for KGAN-TV, has died. He died after a long battle with cancer, according to friends and colleagues.

His son, Nicholas Baer, ​​confirmed his father’s death and shared the sad news on social media, saying that he passed away after a battle with cancer.

Who was John Baer?

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Baer worked at Broadcast Park. His program Boom Times of the Week is watched by many people.

John usually took on sporting challenges such as high diving, field hockey, Hawkeye Downs races and more. In addition, John recorded several humorous sketches that he called “John’s World”, which was a parody of the SNL sketch and the movie “Wayne’s World”.

John Baer cause of death:

John Baer’s cause of death was cancer. John leaves two sons and three daughters. Both of his sons, Nicholas and Michael, starred in Iowa Hawkeye Men’s basketball. Michael currently represents Siena near Albany, New York.

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John watched his son’s game live on the field and he shared, “I was at every game last year and it’s big that I can come,” John Baer said.

“It’s not the same as watching on TV. You have to be here, you just have to be here. I want to thank Joy, Michael’s mother. It wasn’t easy getting here guys. It wasn’t easy. It was a lot. Thank you very much for being so kind. Thank you, thank you, thank you, John shared.


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