How did Neil Morris Nemo die? What happened to the bassist of Maet Live and Never Neverland Express

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Legendary bassist for Maet Live and Never Neverland Express, Neil Morris, better known by his stage name NeMo, sadly passed away on Wednesday, January 11th2023 The group took to social media to confirm this disturbing news and wrote a touching tribute to him.

Keep reading to learn more about Neil Morris, aka NeMo, including who he is, how he died, what caused his death, tributes to Neil Morris, and more!

Who was Neil Morris?

Neil Morris was born on May 12, 1958, professionally known on stage as NeMo, and played bass for the well-known band Maet Live and Never Neverland Express for over 15 years. The Neverland Express, Meat Loaf’s live band, uses the same drums, bass, lead guitar, keyboards and female backing vocals to create the same huge and clean sound as the original.

Maet Live and The Never Neverland Express are an amazing 7 piece live band and are the best live Meat Loaf tribute band in the UK. It was previously called Meat Loaf. Following lead singer Craig Halford’s appearance as Meat Loaf on ITV’s Stars in Their Eyes and Channel 4’s The Last Leg, Maet LIVE (formerly Meat Loaf) and The Never Neverland Express were formed over 12 years ago.

The ensemble is now constantly expanding, playing at renowned venues and festivals across the UK and Europe. Maet LIVE expertly mixes explosive live performances with album tracks, winning over both rock fanatics and casual listeners with the same fervor and dedication as the big man himself.

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How did Neil Morris die? Cause of death

Neil Morris, a renowned artist who played guitar for many bands including Maet Live and Never Neverland Express and The Robin, sadly passed away on Wednesday 11th Januaryth2023

Other than the confirmation of his death, the true cause of Nemo’s death has not yet been made public it is not yet known what caused his death.

Maet Live and Never Neverland Express announced Neil takes to Facebook and posts a small video containing many of his photos. saying

“We have to make the sad announcement that heaven has gained a superb bassist. Yesterday, Neil “NeMo” Morris, our dear colleague and friend, passed away. Member of Maet Live & The Never Neverland Express Meat Loaf tribute band for over 15 years… This honor goes to you my friend. Until our next meeting”

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Tribute to Neil Morris

Numerous tributes have poured in for him on various social media. His friends and admirers often express their condolences.

The robin, Music Band wrote: “We are quite disappointed by this news because the band means a lot to us and we know they mean a lot to you. Robin wishes to extend her condolences to Nemo’s friends, family and band.

Amy Crowther mentioned, “Even though it was only a few times, it was a pleasure to play on stage with him. I am thinking of you all and sending my condolences to his family.”

Lead singer of Meat pie Craig Halford post a video and showed a heart gesture for the legend,

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Adam Willis posted, saying “Grateful to know you my friend and will miss you terribly. Nemo, I love you forever.

We also extend our deepest condolences to the family of Neil Morris. We hope Neil’s soul can rest in peace. Keep browsing our website for more articles of this type and don’t forget to leave us feedback, we would love to hear from you.