Who is Kayla Bergom? Woman Alleged for Having Intercourse with Inmates, Check latest news and Updates

Who is Kayla Bergom: Why she was arrested? Check the full details and latest News: Kayla Bergom worked as a Prison guard in Jail where she was alleged for having intercourse with inmates. Even she confessed that she would make the physical relationship with inmates. According to the reports, she has been accused more than three times when she was having intercourse with prisons. Talking about recent incidents, she was apprehended by the State Police in the year 2020. Since then she has been facing imprisonment. Currently, Kayla Bergom has become a topic of discussion among netizens on social media. Check the following details related to the case down below.

Kayla Bergom

Who is Kayla Bergom? Why she is Arrested?

Kayla Bergom is supposed to be 27 years old. She had a job as a prison guard in the Jail. Although, she was made some serious allegations of having intercourse in prison on duty. Even she has stated that she got physical with prisons multiple times. In September 2020, she was apprehended by the State Police for her action. Furthermore, the courts held a trial for her in April 2021 where she was proven guilty. According to Federal law, it is serious crime for a woman as a prison guard to have sex with her inmates. Kayla was suspended from her job. And, it is speculated that she has been facing imprisonment.

Kayla Bergom

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However, it is not confirmed how long she would be imprisoned. It is speculated that she would face imprisonment for more than 15 years old. Although, the investigation is still deeply focused on the case. It might be any possibility she was not the only one who would do that. However, the police didn’t get any solid evidence about any prison guards. As per the officials, the criminal investigator named Lowa was investigating the case of Kayla Bergom.

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Kayla was posted as a Prison Guard at the Tama County prison facility. There were more than 30 prisoners who had been facing imprisonment. Although, the jail assured the safety of the prison. This was the first incident that authorities had witnessed.

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