“Hugh Jackman’s Latest Troll of Ryan Reynolds Before ‘Deadpool 3’ Proves He’ll Never Get Old”

The relationship between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has been one of the most talked about celebrity feuds in recent years. The two stars have been trading barbs and jokes for over a decade, and with the upcoming release of Deadpool 3, the two are showing no signs of slowing down. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the next installment of the franchise and the news that Jackman will be joining Reynolds in the upcoming film has sparked even more excitement. With the film set to begin production in late spring, the two stars have been finding more creative ways to troll each other, including Jackman’s recent Instagram story featuring a collage of the two Marvel stars. As the two continue to compete for the title of the most entertaining superhero, fans can expect to see more of the same witty banter between Reynolds and Jackman in the months to come.

The fake enmity between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has lasted for over a decade, is legendary, and spawned some of the most beloved and interesting celebrity relationships that are still alive today. With Deadpool 3 in development for a decent amount of those feuding years, the announcement that Jackman would be reprising his role as Wolverine in the upcoming film has understandably sparked excitement and a new round of banter between the two stars. After his recent prank on Reynolds over the thought of being nominated for Best Song for “Soulful,” Jackman trolled his “Deadpool 3” co-star once again, and I don’t mind at all.

Fans are on the side of some serious ryan reynolds and hugh jackman controversy after the promotion of “Deadpool 3” is gaining momentum. From what we know about the upcoming Deadpool movie, we can expect the same level of swagger from the chatty comic book character. Although it’s already apparent that Reynolds’ character isn’t the only one displaying the audacity.

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However, Hugh Jackman’s wit and sass certainly gives Ryan Reynolds and his fellow superhero some serious competition, and in a recent Instagram story, Jackman creatively poked fun at himself and Reynolds. You can check out the post in the screenshot below, where Jackman’s diary is a Marvel “special edition.”

Hugh Jackman is wrapping up a run of The Musical Man on Broadway and has apparently taken a break from the musical to read the daily. There must have been something special in yesterday’s paper because about a dozen faces of him and Ryan Reynolds were looking at him.

The two Marvel stars can be pretty sneaky when it comes to their banter, but this trolling is actually pretty cute. It gets even sweeter when you consider that someone had to sit down and create this collage of Deadpool and Wolverine – I’d really like to think that Hugh Jackman himself used a glue stick to create the masterpiece between rehearsals. But whoever is behind it, it never gets old.

Because the relationship between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman seems to be developing into a regular thing, the closer we get to the development of Deadpool 3, I can’t help but wonder what could come of this pair. It didn’t take long for the world to know about Jackman’s involvement in the upcoming Marvel movie, and according to predictions, the much-anticipated film will begin shooting in late spring this year.

The premiere of “Deadpool 3” is slated for fall 2024, which may seem like a long time to fans who have been waiting years for the film to premiere. The good news, though, is that not only have we finally gotten some concrete facts about the upcoming film, but Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s relationship seems to be picking up steam as they find more creative ways to troll each other. Now let’s just sit back and see what Reynolds does to respond to this new tribute collage from Jackman.

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