Politician Hunaid Lakhani Dies at 49. How did he die? Check Cause of Death and latest News

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Pakistani Politician and Educationist Hunaid Lakhani Cause of Death and Latest updates: The death news of Politician Hunaid Lakhani recently surfaced on the internet web. Since then uncounted people have been engaged with the news and desperate to know his cause of death. Just a few hours have passed since we discovered his death news on various online sources and the news channel. Now we can spot the death news of Hunaid Lakhani on the trending pages of Twitter and other social networking sites. Hunaid was a popular public figure in Pakistan who was honored with many social works and services for this country. Check out the following details and cause of death of the Pakistani Politician down below.

Hunaid Lakhani

Who was Hunaid Lakhani?

Hunaid Lakhani was a very popular personality and a Politician in Pakistan. He was also recognized as the founder of Iqra University. Unfortunately, the personality is no longer among us. Recently, we discovered his demise news on social media. According to the reports, Hunaid took his last breath on 8th September 2022. Since then several news channels and online web pages have been covering the headlines. However, there are still many of his followers who want to know his cause of death.

Hunaid Lakhani Cause of Death! Explained

According to the officials, Hunaid was diagnosed with Dengue which led him to his death. He was going through the disease and had a bad health condition. In the end, he lost his breath and passed away on 8th September 2022. Many of his followers got shocked after hearing demise in the early morning. Since then people have been pouring him the tribute on social media.

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Hunaid was born on 1st August 1973. He left the world at the age of 49 years old. He was one of the most reputed personalities who was a Politician, educationist as well as a social worker. Hunaid had earned huge respect in society because of his work and ideology.

We will never forget the contribution that he made to develop his nation. For further details, you can check out his social media handles Twitter and Instagram.

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