Is C Jason Spence dead or Alive? Check the details of C Jason Spence Texas Accident

C Jason Spence, a businessman and a formal masked rider from Texas tech university is in viral news recently. The news got viral that c Jason Spence has passed away in a plane crash. The news of his demise spread like fire and many of his business acquaintances came to pay respect. But during this news, a piece of new news came too which confuse people further.

The news said that Jason recently met with an accident after which he is battling for life due to sustained serious injuries.

C Jason Spence

As per the social media post, he has been in an accident. he has been in a collision at the Sioux fall in Dakota. But when the news is brought up to his acquaintances and family of him, there is no affirmation regarding the incident until now. they are also confused like we are at the time we posted.

Mr. C Jason Spence is a businessman and former masked rider for texas tech university.

In the 1992 battle between tech and Wyoming, Spence as a masked rider had an incident with a referee. He knocked out the referee during the game and after the match, people find out that the referee has a serious concussion and needed emergency medical assistance. Reports said later the referee did return to the game once more.

However, the committee member decided that Jason should not be away from the publish whereas many steered in some other cases. The decision favored Spence as he was allowed to keep his job without any disturbance.

But the incident is now considered one of many golden moments throughout the historic previous of masked riders.

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Currently, he is in the position of principal CEO of Spence and company auctioneers. He studied agricultural business management at the Texas tech university. He graduated in the year of 1995.

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