WATCH: Jaal Part 1 ULLU Web Series All Episodes, Star Cast, Story, Full Review, & Latest Details

Jaal Part 1 Web Series Release date and Review: Jaal Part 1, an upcoming Hindi adult web series is all set to release on the online streaming platform ULLU. The trailer of the web series has already dropped on YouTube and other online platforms. And, we have been getting to see a positive response from the people all over the internet web and social media. According to reports, the web series is set to release on 21 June 2022. And, it’s the second part we will be released next week on the ULLU.  Let’s talk about the further details and story of the web series in the next section.

Jaal Part 1

Jaal Part 1 ULLU Web Series Full Review & Latest Details

You can watch all the episodes of the Jaal web series only on ULLU App. From today, the web series will be aired on the ULLU. As per the makers, the web series has contained three episodes and each episode have a runtime of around 63 minutes. Apart from it, the Jaal web series belongs to the adult and erotic genres. So, the makers have filmed the web series only to target an adult audience. Because it has contained intimate and inappropriate scenes.

Jaal Part 1 ULLU Web Series Star Cast, Story, & Release Date

As you know, the ULLU platform represents the adult genre content on its platform. And people have been appreciating the content from the platform.

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If we talk about the story of Jaal Part 1, it begins with an old man character named Dheeraj. One day he was walking on his balcony with Chinga. Dheeraj loves Chinga like his son. While walking on the balcony suddenly a beer bottle fell from the rooftop. Dheeraj asks Chinga to check who is drinking the beer on the rooftop.

In the next scene, we see that Anmol and Nidhi are playing a truth and dare game. In the game, Nidhi loses and Anmol dares to Nidhi to open the button of her shirt and then kiss him. At that moment, Nidhi feels awkward. She didn’t like that he do foreplay like Dever and Bhabhi.

Jaal Part 1

Dheeraj has owned a school. One day he was going to school Chinga saw him that he has put his hand on Rani. In the next scene, Anmol requests his father to sign on the document and give him on the authority of the school. But his father refuses him.

Then, one day he caught his son stealing money from his locker. Anmol has lustful character who likes the foreplay. And, he is having a relationship with Surekha who is the wife of his brother Vijay. Suddenly we get to see that someone is sneaking on the Dheeraj and Rani; Surekha and Anmol doing intercourse. In the third episode, we get to see the twist when Dheeraj was killed by someone.

Jaal Web Series Cast

  • Ramesh Goyal as Dheeraj
  • Ashraf Saifi as Vijay
  • Abhi Rizvi as Anmol
  • Donna Munshi as Nidhi
  • Taniya Chatterjee as Surekha
  • Hrithik Yadav as Chinga
  • Muskaan Aggarwal as Rani

Release Date & Trailer

Jaal Part 1 Web Series is set to release on 21st June 2022. From today, you can watch all the episodes of the Jaal Part web series only on ULLU App. Make sure you have taken the subscription of the platform. Although, the trailer of the web series has already dropped on the YouTube and other social media platforms.

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