“Jenna Ortega Shares Sweet Story About Lady Gaga and Reacts to Hopes for Her Joining Season 2”

The hit Netflix show Wednesday has taken the internet by storm, captivating viewers with its unique blend of Jenna Ortega’s dancing and Lady Gaga’s music. As it turns out, there is already a connection between Gaga and Ortega, as the two have bonded over the singer’s music. Fans of the show have been hoping for a second season and now, it has been confirmed. With this news, many are wondering if Lady Gaga will make an appearance in the upcoming season. While nothing is set in stone yet, Jenna Ortega has already shared her vision of a potential relationship between Gaga’s character and Wednesday. She imagines a bond between the two characters that is free of the flaws that Wednesday experienced with her mentor in the first season. With the writers just now starting to come together for the second season, it may still be a while before viewers get to see Lady Gaga on Wednesday. Until then, Netflix subscribers will have to look for other shows to keep them entertained.

Wednesday on Netflix is ​​the hottest thing in pop culture right now. The show is still one of the most watched on the streaming service, and a second season of the Jenna Ortega-directed series has finally been confirmed. But what really took the internet by storm was the mix of Jenna Ortega’s dancing and Lady Gaga’s music, which now has fans hoping the singer might make a second season. It turns out that there is already a connection between Gaga and Ortega. the more appropriate.

Speaking to Variety ahead of the Golden Globes, Jenna Ortega said she once worked with a hairstylist who also did Lady Gaga’s hair. Ortega and Gaga bonded over the “Born This Way” singer, whom Ortega had already seen in concert earlier. This led to Ortega receiving a personalized video from Lady Gaga herself.

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So we know Wednesday is a Lady Gaga fan and we also know Lady Gaga is a Wednesday fan. The viral trend of fans recreating Jenna Ortega’s dance on the show remixed to Gaga’s new song “Bloody Mary” recently peaked when Gaga herself released a TikTok of herself dancing. Obviously, these two should team up.

But if Lady Gaga appeared in the second season on Wednesday, who could she play? As it turns out, Jenna Ortega has at least the rudiments of that idea. She compared Wednesday’s potential relationship with Lady Gaga’s character to Wednesday’s relationship with Christina Ricci’s character in the first season, but without the obvious flaws. Wednesday might need a new mentor figure in season two, and Gaga might be perfect. Ortega said…

If Lady Gaga was part of it, they were supposed to be two monsters who got along.

To be honest, it sounds pretty close to ideal. Maybe you’ll see Lady Gaga replace Gwendoline Christie’s character as the head of Nevermore Academy in season two. That relationship was rough and antagonistic, so turning Gaga’s character into an ally might have made some difference.

According to Ortega, she has no idea what to expect in the second season of “Wednesday” and believes that the writers are just now starting to come together. The good news is that this means nothing is set in stone and creating a character played by Lady Gaga is absolutely possible.

The only downside is that since the writers are just starting work on the second season, it will be a long time before we see it. Netflix subscribers will have to look for other shows to keep them busy for a while longer.

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