Who is Jennifer Eyerly? The Police Arrest Suspect for her daughter Murder

Jennifer Eyerly. A few days, a missing report of 10 years old girl named Lily Peter was filed to the Police Department. Since then the State Police have been searching for the little one who disappeared mysteriously. As per the reports, the Police found the girl, but dead. Yes, the minor was found dead by the State Police Department on Sunday. Since then the Police have been investigating the case. Finally, the Police didn’t take a long time and got to the suspect.

You would be amazed to know that Lily’s mother Jennifer Eyerly arrested for her daughter’s murder. Right now, she is in the Police Custody.

Jennifer Eyerly

Jennifer Eyerly of Chippewa Falls WI has been arrested by the State Police as the prime suspect of her daughter’s murder. Ever since the press released the news through its news channel, the news has been trending all over the internet. Meanwhile, people got shocked after learning that Lily Peter was murdered by her own mother.

According to the reports, Lily was physically tortured and abused before her death. She was forcefully strangled before her death. Along with it, the police found severe injuries and deep wounds on the victim’s body.

The State Police have been searching for Lily peter after a missing report. However, they found the Lily Peter dead on Sunday. During the investigation, the police arrested a woman named Jennifer Eyerly, the mother of the victim. Right now, Eyerly is arrested as a prime suspect in the Lily Murder case.

However, Jennifer’s husband was the one who filed a missing report when her daughter didn’t come back from her aunt in North Grove.

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According to the police reports, the last time Lily went to her Aunt Laurie’s house in North Grove. But she didn’t come back home.  Jennifer is the mother of her daughter who has been apprehended by the State Police as the prime suspect in the Lily Murder case.

However, she hasn’t proven guilty yet. The Police are still carrying on their investigation.

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