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The first few weeks of 2023 have not been the easiest Jeremy Renner and his family as the star was recovering from several serious injuries. On the first day of the New Year, he suffered a “traumatic” accident with a snowblower in which he was hit by a car while helping a relative out of the car. The star was later admitted to the intensive care unit and ended up undergoing two surgeries during her stay. Last week, Renner gave plenty of insight into his recovery, announcing that he had been discharged and was at home. However, he still hasn’t fully recovered, and in a new post he shared more details about his journey, saying he broke dozens of bones because of the ordeal.

Jeremy Renner doesn’t hold back when it comes to keeping fans updated on his condition. While in the hospital, he shared a post from his bed and his family even wrote about the “progress goals” they have in mind. Renner took to his Instagram early Saturday morning and spoke candidly about the work ahead. In the caption, the veteran actor talked about his main goals and explained that after being injured, he had over 30 broken bones:

Morning workouts, resolutions – everything changed this new year… Born out of tragedy for my entire family and quickly focused on uniting effective love, I want to thank EVERYONE for their messages and concern for my family and me… Big love and appreciation to you all. Those 30 or so broken bones will grow together, become stronger, just as love and connection with family and friends will deepen. All love and happiness 🙏 ❤️ 🙏 .

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The Kingstown the mayoral star was in a good mood considering everything that happened. It was great to see him moving forward, and he even managed to catch the premiere of the second season of his popular show (which can be streamed using a Paramount+ subscription). In his latest post, he also included a photo showing him flexing his leg muscles with a little help from a physical therapist. Let’s take a look:

The post was accompanied by a number of well-wishers who expressed their support in the comments. Сред тези, които се изказаха, беше колегата му от „Отмъстителите“ Крис Хемсуърт, който каза: „[Тисиприятелшампион!Обичамете”АсаГонзалессъщонаписа:„ТиимаштозиJ“аХайдиКлумпростоказа:„Изпращамтилюбов“ПрезпоследнитеняколкоседмицидругизвездиподадохаръказапомощиМаркРъфалопомолифеноветедасемолятКрисЕванссъщоизпратипоздравзарожденияденаКолинФарелсесвързасъссвояотрядSWATсъщопартньорвъвфилма[Youareachampionfriend!Weloveyou”AsaGonzalezalsowrote:“YouhavethisJ”andHeidiKlumjustsaid:“I’msendingyoulove”OverthepastfewweeksotherstarshavelentahelpinghandandMarkRuffalohasaskedfanstoprayChrisEvansalsosentabirthdaygreetingandColinFarrellcontactedhisSWATsquadalsoafilmpartner[Тисиприятелшампион!Обичамете”АсаГонзалессъщонаписа:„ТиимаштозиJ“аХайдиКлумпростоказа:„Изпращамтилюбов“ПрезпоследнитеняколкоседмицидругизвездиподадохаръказапомощиМаркРъфалопомолифеноветедасемолятКрисЕванссъщоизпратипоздравзарожденияденаКолинФарелсесвързасъссвояотрядSWATсъщопартньорвъвфилма[Youareachampionfriend!Weloveyou”AsaGonzalezalsowrote:“YouhavethisJ”andHeidiKlumjustsaid:“I’msendingyoulove”OverthepastfewweeksotherstarshavelentahelpinghandandMarkRuffalohasaskedfanstoprayChrisEvansalsosentabirthdaygreetingandColinFarrellcontactedhisSWATsquadalsoafilmpartner

Right now, it looks like Jeremy Renner has a long way to go. He was hospitalized with blunt force trauma to the chest, although a later report claimed his injuries were “much worse than anyone knew.” The insider also stated that he will need more medical procedures over time and that it could be a few years before he is 100% himself again. This information has not yet been confirmed by Renner or his family.

At the moment, some are probably curious about what the mayor of… kingstown, whose poster was changed out of respect for Jeremy Renner’s injuries. Series creator and Ian Ferguson actor Hugh Dillon, who shared a NSFW exchange with Renner when he was in the hospital, spoke about it. While he confirmed that he and co-creator Taylor Sheridan have ideas for a third season, he didn’t say specifically how Renner’s situation would play into the timeline. The idea of ​​another season is tempting, but right now the thought of Renner moving forward after so many bones is much nicer.

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The mayor of Kingstown airs new episodes on Sundays on Paramount+ as part of the 2023 TV schedule.