Who was Jessica Audrey Wallis? YouTuber Steve Wallis’s Wife Passes Away . Find out the Cause of Death and Latest News

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YouTuber Steve Wallis’s wife Jessica Audrey Wallis Death News and Cause of Death: Recently we discovered a piece of sad news about YouTuber Steve Wallis’s wife Jessica Audrey Wallis who passed away unexpectedly. Her passing came to the online platform and social media on 25th August 2022. Since then the death news of Jessica Audrey has been trending on the internet web. Steve’s fans have been sending their regards and condolences for the loss. Apart from it, they also wonder to know about her cause of death. We have gathered all the information through our reliable sources regarding the death of Jessica Audrey and we would like to share with you this article.

Jessica Audrey Wallis

Who was Jessica Audrey?

Jessica Audrey was mainly recognized as the wife of YouTuber, Steve Wallis. She had Canadian citizenship. Steve had shared his moment with his fans when he first met with his wife, Jessica. As per the sources, Steve met Jessica when she was an employee at the cemetery. At that moment, he fell in love with her at first sight. However, she had to move to Hungary for becoming a music teacher. Steve also went with her to express his enhance love for her. In the end, he proposed to his wife Jessica in 2016.

What is the Cause of Death of Jessica Audrey Wallis?

Unfortunately, Jessica is no longer among us. The death news of Jessica surfaced on 25th August 2022. Her husband Steve shared the heartbreaking news with her fans on YouTube. According to Steve, they were sleeping together in a bend. When he woke up in the early morning, he didn’t get any response from his wife. After checking on her, she was not breathing and died on the bed. For now, Jessica’s cause of death is not disclosed by any official sources.

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However, it is expected that she got a heart attack at midnight when she was peacefully sleeping. Since we haven’t got any official reports, we can’t say much about the cause of death.

On the other hand, many people got shocked after hearing about the demise news of Steve wife’s. Right now, we can see the various post on social media by the people who have been expressing their emotions on the death of Jessica Audrey Wallis.

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