Jessy Jacob Harassment Video: What Happened To Her Dog? Is She Arrested Or Not? Check Rumors Hoax & Latest News

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Recently a piece of news about animal cruelty by TikToker has been making a buzz on social media and after looking at the various article on TikToker, people are furious about her action and negligence towards animals. According to many articles online, Jessy Jacob is a famous social media star who is now trending on the internet for bullying a dog and saying bad things about other people’s dogs. Jesse Jacob has posted a video on her TikTok account. After that, she gained a lot of popularity, and it is said that the video was taken because it violated the rule of TikTok.

Jessy Jacob Harassment Video: What Happened To Her Dog? Is She Arrested Or Not? Check Rumors Hoax & Latest News

What Happened To Jessy Jacob & Dog on TikTok?

After the post Because of this, TikTok deleted the user’s account as well. More than 100,000 people liked it. So, as of right now, you can’t find the @jakethes.d account anywhere on Tiktok. Jessy Jacob is a social media influencer best known for her TikTok films on her official account.  Her recent TikTok video, in which she harassed an assistance dog without saying sorry, went viral. After watching that video many people are furious about her treatment of that dog. Many people reported her to TikTok and flagged her account. The app matters in their hands.

Jessy Jacob Viral Video, Is She Arrested?

However, there were claims that she had a close bond with her dog, which could be another factor in her internet fame. Furthermore, the content producer had thousands of followers on TikTok before the video networking site deleted her account. Because the video contains sensitive material and violates the site’s policies, the account was deleted.

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But it does not end there. Many fans already saved the video and share it on various social media for others to see. After that, a subreddit was made for it and people are posting discussions over it.

People on Twitter and Reddit think Jessy Jacob should be arrested because she harassed other users and dogs in her videos. This is not the first time she has done this, but she has done it a few times before, and people are angry about it. Currently, she changed her Instagram name and made it private after the blowout. For more trending news, stay tuned to Bulletin Zone.