Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Lands High-Profile TV Gig: Not Everyone is Pleased

Camila Vasquez is a prominent figure in the legal profession who has recently gained recognition after representing Johnny Depp in his Amber Heard defamation trial. Having received a favorable verdict, she has since gone on to work as a legal analyst for NBC News. Despite her short time on the air, there are reports that some of her co-workers are unhappy with her appointment. Her debut on the show was during a discussion about a murder case in Idaho and some employees feel that her hiring undermines the network’s previous coverage of the Depp-Heard case. Camila Vasquez has also been the subject of some rumors and speculation due to her close relationship with the actor. She has been seen helping an elderly woman during a flight and has also spoken about how her life has become a little less private due to the fame she has gained from the case. It remains to be seen if any complaints from co-workers will affect her current job at NBC News.

Camila Vasquez established himself as a prominent figure in the legal profession after serving as Johnny Depp’s lawyer during his Amber Heard defamation trial. Since representing Depp, who received a favorable verdict, she has recorded several more concerts on her own. Most recently, Vasquez landed a job in television working as a legal analyst for NBC. Despite being on the air for less than a week, the report claims that her high-profile work is making some people unhappy.

The lawyer made her television debut on Monday during today’s show where she discusses a murder case in Idaho. According to Semaphore, NBC News staffers were upset by her appearance on the program. This was reportedly because they felt her hiring undermined the previous coverage of the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case. One of the company’s employees — who is anonymous — is said to have submitted a written complaint to the management team as they were in the process of hiring Vasquez. Another unnamed employee also spoke about why they are disappointed that she is part of the organization:

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The fact that she ended up in this branding as an NBC news analyst put her on par with that network’s journalists, and that’s a shame.

This report suggests that employees consider this appointment a conflict of interest. Like many other news outlets, NBC has extensively covered the lawsuit between the Pirates of the Caribbean star and the Aquaman actor. This coverage included a 30-minute documentary titled “Marriage on Trial: Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and the Truth in the Age of Social Media.” The article addresses a number of topics, including TikTok’s alleged influence on plaintiffs’ public opinion, as well as the potential impact of the case on domestic violence cases.

Much has been said about Camille Vasquez herself, as the trial took place in the summer of 2022. Soon after the sentencing, rumors of a relationship began to circulate around Vasquez and her client. She eventually spoke out against the proposals, calling them “sexist” and saying “an unethical allegation has been made”. However, the lawyer and client proved to have a close relationship, as evidenced by Vasquez’s presence at one of the actor’s rock concerts.

Even aside from her profession and her alleged relationship with the “Pirates” star, the public seems to be taking a lot of interest in the lawyer, who is a partner at the firm Brown Rudnick. For example, she was considered by some to be “Wonder Woman” after she was seen helping an elderly woman during a flight. She also spoke about becoming famous thanks to the Depp-Heard case, as she previously noted that her life “has become a little less private. The professional woman also said, “Now there are parts of my life that I need to share with fans or people.”

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Probably the fame gained from Camila Vasquez last year will stay with her for the foreseeable future. As for whether any alleged complaints from co-workers will affect her current job at NBC News, that remains to be seen.