Justin Murrell Arrested For Dragging NYPD Detective, Find Out Latest Details

On March 21, 2022, New York City police arrested a serial car thief after the reported 12th time. The offender was 20 years old Justin Murrell who was previously offended for shooting a police officer in 2017. The shooting changed the life of detective Dalsh Veve who was left paralyzed and unable to speak after the incident. Murrell was later found guilty of assault and sentenced to four years as a juvenile because of being 15-years-old. But got released only serving 2 years in 2020 against all the protests. Follow Bulletin Zone for more trending news and updates.

In 2021, he stole a car in Brooklyn and was sentenced to 33 counts of the indictment. But pleaded guilty to the crime he was posted the 25,000 dollars in the case and the sentence is due in May 2022.

Justin Murrell Arrested For Dragging NYPD Detective, Find Out Latest Details

According to the sources, Mr. Justin Murrell (20) who was free on bail after a may 2021 car chase in Brooklyn led port cop authority and another in a stolen vehicle at JFK airport in February of 2022. He was finally arrested by NYPD by identifying him on CCTV near the area where the thief had happened. He has a large list of criminal offenses under his belt. Prior to this, he had 11 other reported crimes against him.

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In recent days New York-like cities are facing a massive surge of criminal activity in many areas. After all the incriminatory evidence like having possession of stolen properties, he is already been released. Still, several people searching to find out what exactly happened in this case.

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“This attempted cop-killer represents everything that is wrong with our justice system right now,” Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said Tuesday. “We tried to warn the city what would happen when he was set free. Every moment he spends free is not only an insult to our hero brother and his family — it is a real danger for New Yorkers.”