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Twitch star Kai Cenat tried on TikTok viral Pink Sauce during a live stream and, surprisingly, was a big fan of the controversial condiment despite its history.

Pink sauce took over the internet in the summer of 2022 after famous TikTok creator “Chef Pius” started posting videos on social media about his homemade hot pink condiment.

Chef Pia’s videos show her slathering all kinds of dishes, like wings, tacos, and more, and after a while she decided to sell it herself online.

However, customers have complained that their sauce is spoiling in the summer heat, noting that it contains perishable ingredients such as dairy. Viewers also pointed out some serious mistakes on the product label.

Before long, everyone was pouncing on Pink Sauce and alerting others to possible food safety issues, causing a huge web storm. cook Drink has since partnered with hot sauce brand Dave’s Gourmet to create an FDA-approved version of Pink Sauce, which can now be purchased at Walmart stores in the United States.

Kai Cenat — Pink Sauce fan: “He’s really good”

Twitch streamer Kai Senat decided to test the viral sauce on himself… and surprisingly, it was a fan, wondering why his chat said the sauce was “poison.”

“That’s not bad!” he shouted to his audience. “What? Bro, it’s like honey mustard mixed with ranch. But less honey mustard. Think spice ranch. Can you smell me?”

“Brother, what’s wrong with that?” he continued. “Bro, how the hell is it so bad bro? Bro this thing is like 7.5 out of 10 which is really good. Not bad bro.”

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Although one of of Kai friends was clearly not a fan of Pink Sauce (he even claimed it hurt his stomach), the streamer went on to defend the condiment and claimed it wasn’t as bad as he’d like to believe in his chat.

For those interested in learning about Chef Pia’s new and improved pink sauce, read our review of the condiment that shot TikTok last year.