KISS Has ‘An Awful Lot of Material’ for New Off The Soundboard Releases

KISS is one of the most iconic and beloved bands in the music industry. For over five decades, they have been entertaining fans around the world with their unique blend of hard rock, glam metal, and theatrical performances. Now, the band is set to take their music to the next level with their Off The Soundboard bootleg series, which will feature live recordings from some of their most iconic concerts. With the release of their first installment in June 2021, KISS has promised fans an “awful lot of material” to come. From their Virginia Beach show in 2004 to their Donington gig in 1996 and Des Moines concert in 1977, the band is ready to take fans on a journey through their rich history. With their large temperature-controlled vault full of archived concert recordings, KISS is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience for their fans. The band has even asked their fans on Instagram what tours they want to be included in the series. After announcing their latest UK gigs last month, KISS is ready to show the world why they are one of the most beloved bands in the music industry. With their tour ending out of “self-respect” and “love” for their fans, KISS are sure to continue entertaining the world in other forms.

A KISS The official Off The Soundboard bootleg series doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, as Gene Simmons has revealed that the band still has “an awful lot of material” to mine.

The series began in June 2021, when KISS released a recording of a show that took place in Tokyo 20 years ago. The band then played three more installments last year – first a gig in Virginia Beach in 2004 (which arrived in March), then a gig in Donington in 1996 (in June) and finally a gig in Des Moines in 1977 ( in July ).

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In conversation with Vintage guitar (via Yahoo!) Simmons revealed that KISS have a “large temperature-controlled vault” full of archived concert recordings, and plan to release several “Off The Soundboard” records in due course. He explained: “There’s a lot of material out there. It’s always just downtime to go there and say, “Let’s see what we’ve got.”

The band members themselves have already announced future releases on social media; earlier this week on Instagram, they asked fans, “What tours do you want to play next?”

Last month, A KISS have announced their latest UK gigs. The news comes some four years after the band confirmed they were retiring their iconic costumes. In 2018, Simmons said that their fruitful tour would end out of “self-respect” and “love” for their fans.

However, last July he stated that the band would visit at least 100 more cities before it was actually over. And after the stop of the tour, KISS can continue their activity in other forms.

During a recent interview, Simmons explained, “The A KISS the touring band will stop touring. KISS will continue in other ways. I have no problem with four decent 20-year-old girls putting on make-up again and hiding their identities.”