Klopp’s Press Conference After Dismal Brighton Match: 4 Takeaways

The game between Liverpool and Brighton on Saturday ended in a 3-0 defeat for Liverpool, and Jurgen Klopp was not happy. After the game, Klopp went so far as to say that this was the worst performance by any team he had ever seen. The key moments from Klopp’s post-Brighton press conference were his comments on the team’s performance, his thoughts on changing the system and his admission that it was all his responsibility. Klopp believes that his team lost key battles on the pitch and gave the ball away too easily, and that this was the main problem. He also admitted that the idea of changing the system had backfired, and that it was all his responsibility. Finally, he was asked if the team that had been so successful in the past was now a thing of the past, and he said that it was up to them to make sure that question could no longer be asked. It is clear that Klopp has taken this defeat hard, and he will be looking for a response from his team in the coming weeks.

Speaking after Liverpool lost 3-0 to Brighton on Saturday, Jurgen Klopp went so far as to say he could not remember a worst performance by any team.

Here are the key moments from Klopp’s post-Brighton press conference…

Worst performance he can remember… not just at Liverpool.

This is a kind of claim.

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The boss says his team’s performance is the worst he can remember, and not just in the Liverpool team.

Dark, dark times.

“I’m not sure if it’s because the game was just a few minutes ago, but I can’t remember a worse game,” Klopp said.

“Honestly, I can’t. I mean everyone, not just Liverpool. I can not remember

“And that’s my responsibility. That makes it a very low point right now.”

Changing the system backfired

Liverpool started the match in a different formation, different from Klopp’s usual 4-3-3 formation.

Thiago was positioned slightly higher in midfield, which looked more like a 4-2-3-1 formation, but Liverpool couldn’t get close to Brighton.

The boss said he thinks the change would be good for them, but it’s not that far off.

“We were trying to help the guys with a slightly different organization,” the boss explained.

“Actually, I thought it might work out pretty well. We had moments where we pressed them, but in all the situations when we won the ball, we lost it too easily.

“This is the main problem. Nothing ever worked out for us.”

“All my responsibility”

So what exactly are Liverpool doing wrong? Everywhere, you say.

Klopp says Liverpool’s slump at the Amex was largely down to the same problems he pointed out during last week’s draw with Wolves and says he bears full responsibility.

“The problems are the same as last week, what we talked about, we are not winning key battles on the pitch, in key tasks and giving the ball away too easily,” he added.

“It makes it difficult to organize a defense against losing balls that you shouldn’t lose. It’s not easy.

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“But it’s entirely my responsibility because I had an idea with another formation and it didn’t work out. I’m sorry.”

The end of this command?

One journalist had the audacity to ask Klopp if he thought a team that had been so outstanding over the past few years was now a thing of the past, pointing to the second-half departures of the likes of Jordan Henderson, Fabinho and Joel Matip. .

And the boss didn’t exactly reject that offer in his response:

“It is our fault that you can ask this question. I understand…

“Who else had the best season for us? Hard, huh?

“We have to make sure you can’t ask that question anymore, and that’s obviously our job.”