LGBTQ Bar Fire Video Went Viral On The Internet, Find Out Police Reports & Latest Details

LGBTQ Bar Fire: Recently, we got a report from our officials that New York Police Department has arrested the suspect who set the fire on the LGBTQ bar. As per the reports, the suspect is a 24 years old man who burned the floor of a Brooklyn LGBTQ+bar with gasoline. Right now the suspect has been kept in police custody. The Police got a tip that led to the suspect John Lhota on Wednesday. In the meantime, the news went viral on the internet and on the social media platform. Right now, the news is trending at the top of the Google Searches. For further updates stay on this page.

LGBTQ Bar Fire Video Went Viral On The Internet, Find Out Police Reports & Latest Details

LGBTQ Bar is a very popular nightclub where the incident took place. As per the police report, the suspect John Lhota ran away from the bar after setting up the fire the bar. The authorities and emergency unit arrived at the scene upon a disturbance call. During the incident, two employees of the bar got severe injuries. The emergency rushed them to the nearby hospital. Right now, we have no idea about their health condition. Initially, it was supposed to be an accident. Later, the New York Police Department got the Video footage of the incident.

The CCTV footage showed the suspect Lhota who is setting up the fire through the cane of gasoline on the evening of April 3. As per the prosecutor, he brought the gasoline to the Rash and lighten up the fire at the bar.

The police camera footage from the Rash where he was stood with another person. Ever since they caught the suspect, the press and media released the news on their various news channel and online platform. Now, it is attaining the attention of the people.

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As per Rash Owner’s statement, “All the People in the bar suddenly rushed out screaming. Also, I looked behind me and there were enormous flames up to the ceiling. I was in disbelief”.

The police didn’t get the motive of the suspect burning the LGBTQ bar. However, they have been studying the case.

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