Long Beach hockey star Gerrin Hagan injured in car crash: What happened?

Long Beach hockey defenseman Gerin Hagen suffered a tragic accident this week that left him severely injured. Read on to learn all about hockey player Gerin Hagen’s car accident, what happened to him and what his current condition is.

The island community is currently praying for Gerin Hagen, who is fighting for his life in hospital. He needs prayers more than anything for a miraculous recovery. Requests for prayers for the seriously injured hockey star are popping up online.

Who is Gerin Hagen?

Gerin Hagen is an 18-year-old ice hockey player from Long Beach, New York. He is a defensive player for his team and one of the most promising freshman talents in the state. He played for the Long Island Gulls in the U18 AAA.

Hagen was born on December 26, 2004. His height is 178 CM and he weighs 78 KG. He also played for the Long Island Lightning, Long Beach High and the Long Island Edge. The defender always amazed the crowd when he was on the field.

Gerrin Hagen Car Crash: How Did It Happen?

Long Beach hockey star Gerrin Hagan suffered a tragic accident while sitting in his parked car at school. Another car approaches his parked car and a terrible collision occurs. Visitors were amazed by the impact and sound of the crash.

First responders were called to the scene and Hagen was taken to a nearby hospital. He is currently in the hospital, where doctors are doing everything possible to save their lives. Hagen was seriously injured in the crash with multiple wounds.

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How is Gerin Hagen doing now?

Gerin Hagen is still in critical condition in hospital. An update was shared online by his close friend who revealed that he is still not out of danger and doctors are doing their best to stabilize his condition.

We will keep you updated on Gerrin Hagen’s condition here. Make sure you keep visiting us to find the live status of the hockey player that countless people are praying for right now. Hagen needs prayers more than anything right now

Prayer requests for Gerin Hagen appear online

Friends and colleagues of Gerrin Hagen are urging everyone to send their best wishes and prayers to the hockey player as he fights for his life.

“Prayers are needed for Long Beach defenders Gerin Hagen – Jesus shower a miracle on our boy for a full recovery. The power of prayer is real. Lord we have seen your work with @HamlinIsland please help us pray for @ShireenRinkside @DStarmanHockey,” the post asking for prayers said.

We would like to ask our readers to pray for Gerrin Hagen’s speedy recovery. God bless him as soon as possible.