Lorene Shea Death: What Happened To Maureen Shea? Check Cause Of Death & Latest Details

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After The news of Lorene shea hit the internet and social media. People are sending their condolences to her family and friend for their loss.

Lorene Shea is a woman who worked in California’s Forest Service in the united states of America. Shea had a gift of learning new languages. She was a polyglot who can fluently speaks  Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French alongside English as a native language. Shea was well known for her gift to her family and friends.

Lorene Shea

Who Was Lorene Shea?

Not only she is professionally competent but she also had a well thought out and loving family life. Lorene is a loving and devoted wife, mother, and grandmother who enjoys spending time with her family. Shea is an avid reader and reads anything she can find. She is also good with and loves knitting and crocheting in her leisure time at home.

Lorene Shea was born on October 1, 1922, in Detroit, Michigan. Her parents and ancestor are from Ireland. Shea was the eldest of four of her siblings. Her father was a carpenter and her mother was a housewife.

Lorene Shea

Shea attended Catholic school and graduated from high school in 1940. Shea attended the University of Michigan to study sociology and psychology and finished with a bachelor’s degree in 1944.

What Is Lorene Shea Cause Of Death?

After graduation Shea moved to New York City and started working as a social worker. She was also involved in the civil rights movement. Shea married James Shea in 1967. The couple has two children. Lorene Shea passed away on January 14, 2020, at the age of 97.  She continued to work in the school system until her retirement in 1985.

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 Lorene passed away peacefully on October 10 surrounded by her family. The cause of her death is yet to be known but its believes to be natural causes.

A memorial service and funeral will be held at St Mary’s Catholic Church in New Bedford on Friday, October 12 at 11:00 am.

May God rest her soul in peace.

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