Athlete Lydia De Vega Dies at 57, Find out Lydia De Vega Cause of Death and Latest News and Updates

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What happened to Lydia de Vega? What is the cause of death of Athlete, Lydia De Vega? We are extremely sad to announce to you that Filipino athlete, Lydia De Vega has passed away recently. Yes, she has left the world and her close ones in pain and sorrow. Her sudden passing news has devastated her many supporters and followers on the internet web. Since then the death news of Lydia has been making rounds all over the internet. There are some people who are desperately searching for her cause of death on the internet web. According to the reports, the Filipino athlete took her last breath on the day of Wednesday, 10th August 2022.

Lydia De Vega

Who was Lydia De Vega? How did she die?

Lydia De Vega-Marcado was an eminent personality who made her name worldwide popular as a Filipino athlete. She was born on 26th December 1964 in Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines. Talking about her achievements, she had won 15 gold medals, 6 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals in the international sports championship. Along with it, she had also taken part in 100m race, 200m race, 400m race, and long jump. No one believed in her death until news channels and officials flashed her demise news on the internet and social media. Since then the whole sports world has been mourning her death.

Lydia De Vega

What is the Cause of Death of Lydia De Vega?

Currently, Lydia De Vega’s death news has become one of the biggest headlines on social media and on various news channels. However, you can spot her name on the trending searches on Twitter and the internet web. People on social media have been paying off her a tribute to her journey as an athlete. According to the reports, she passed away on 10th August 2022 in Makati, Philippines. If you want to about her cause of death. Let us tell you that the official said that the athlete Lydia was diagnosed with breast cancer that led her to her death.

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Yes, Breast cancer was the cause of the death of the athlete, Lydia De Vega. Other than this, the family hasn’t revealed the funeral service of Lydia De Vega.

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