M3GAN Filming Locations: Where was the sci-fi horror movie filmed?

Are you a fan of sci-fi horror movies? If so, you might have heard about M3GAN, the new suspenseful and exciting movie, no wonder it’s already creating quite a buzz in the film industry. Despite the fact that there are a lot of special effects in this epic thriller, many viewers may be surprised to learn that most of M3GAN was shot on location in real locations where they themselves can walk around the fictional world if they want to make the trip!

In this article, we’ll take a look at each unique location used for this exciting sci-fi film, as well as some fascinating behind-the-scenes stories about how certain scenes were filmed. So get ready to explore an out-of-this-world experience because this is where M3GAN was filmed!

What is M3GAN for?

M3GAN is a sci-fi horror film. It defines the broad category of the film. Gemma, a scientist and roboticist, develops a robot doll. He has a niece named Cady to take care of. The robot expands superior abilities through its intelligence and surpasses the imagination of robotics Gemma. The robot’s ability equates to over-protectiveness for its creator and niece. It soon turns into a nightmare and horror for both Gemma and Caddy. This is the main plot of the movie.

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Where was the movie M3GAN filmed?

The beginning of the shooting of this movie started in July 2021. One of the locations was Auckland, New Zealand. The idea was to give way to the feel of another place, Denver, Colorado to be exact. A few locations used were Oakland University of Technology, Cornwall Park, and the Oakland Fairgrounds.

Some key scenes were filmed at Maugakiekie or One Tree Hill in Auckland and the town of Warkworth. Several shots were fired at Farm Cove. A house in the suburb of Sunnyhills appears in the film.

Another location for the shoot is Los Angeles, California. This is where the first shooting of the film began. The place is well known for its urban features and Hollywood is an integral part. Several scenes of the film were shot at some of the beach locations. Quebec, Canada is another M3GAN filming location. The New York City of Poughkeepsie was another location where part of the film’s shooting took place.

About the cast and release date

You are most likely curious about the cast of this sci-fi horror movie.

Robot Gemma is played by Alison Williams, and Violet McGraw as Cady, the niece, and Amy Donald as M3GAN are the main characters. Jenna Davis voiced M3GAN.

Other characters in the film include Ronnie Chieng as David, Brian Jordan Alvarez as Cole, Jen Van Epps as Tess, Stéphane Garneau Montand as Kurt, Arlo Greene as Ryan and Laurie Dungay as Celia.

The world premiere of this film was on December 7, 2022 in Los Angeles. The film will be released in theaters in the United States on January 6, 2023.

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The film is undoubtedly a re-examination of the unknown possibilities of artificial intelligence and its impact on humans. It is a mixture of science fiction, horror and a flash of humor with its satirical moments. The plot is mostly moderate and develops as the film progresses. The performance of the cast is well appreciated.

What makes it unique is the visual effects. They bring out the horror element in the film. The film has some well-crafted edge-of-the-seat moments. They are sure to keep the audience glued to their seats. The production design and cinematography are good. Overall, this is a good one time watch for movie buffs only.

The film is worth watching for the futuristic theme it explores. It is interesting to see some startling moments that describe the horror well. It’s a good one-time watch for the performances and the visuals and sound effects.


Who is the director of M3GAN?

Gerard Johnstone is the director of M3GAN

What special effects define the film?

The visual effects are basically unique makeup and digital effects. He made features such as eyes and skin similar to a life-size doll.

Will there be a sequel?

A sequel to the film is possible later this year based on its box office success.