Mahima Mishra (Yash Pandit’s Wife) Wiki, Height, Age, Family, Biography & More

Mahima Mishra (Yash Pandit’s Wife) Wiki, Height, Age, Family, Biography & More

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Mahima Mishra is one of the richest business women in Odisha state due to her position as owner of the OSL company and her wealth. His properties were allegedly searched by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in connection with an alleged Rs. 25 lakh bribes.

In real life his name is Mahimananda Mishra. He was born on May 7, 1953 in the state city of Cuttack in Odisha. His mother’s name is Urmila Mishra and his father’s name is Rabindra Nath Mishra. His parents are both called Mishra. He currently lives in Oriya Bazar, a neighborhood in Cuttack.

He attended Christ College in Cuttack, where he received his Master of Arts degree. He then obtained an LLB from MS Law College and graduated. He also moves up the ranks there and was president of the student association in 1971-1972 and 1974-1975.

Minati Mishra is his wife’s name. He is already married. Both have two sons, Chandan and Charchit Mishra respectively.

He is currently 67 years old.

Mahima Mishra

Mahima Mishra

The career of Mahima Mishra

Shortly after graduating from university, Mahima Mishra founded OSL Group in 1978. The company only had 15 employees when he took over as director, but it grew significantly during his time in that position.

OSL Group is almost always mentioned at some point while discussing the freight industry in India today. On the east coast of India, it occupies a prominent position among the largest companies.

The Mahima Mishra controlled company is engaged in a number of different port-related activities including chartering, in-port transportation, freight forwarding, port development and mining, in addition to handling cargo and providing stevedore services.

The hospitality, media production, aviation, education and healthcare sectors are just some of the sectors where OSL Group has grown its business.

OSL Group received the Outstanding Company Award from Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister of Odisha, in recognition of the company’s outstanding achievements in numerous sectors. It was named “STAR EXPORT HOUSE” by the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of India from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2014.

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His property is worth about Rs. 10,000 crore, making him about $2 billion in total.

Son of the late Rabindra Nath Mishra and the late Urmila Mishra, Mahimananda Mishra was raised by his parents. He was born in an aristocratic family on May 7, 1953 in Odisha (mother). Several of the state’s educational institutions had to read from the Oriya and Bengali texts that his legendary father wrote.

Mahimananda Mishra was raised with the moral values ​​of standing up for society and helping the needy. He was the only son of ten siblings and his parents raised him. He graduated from Christ College in Cuttack and has shown leadership talent since graduating.

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Family tree of Mahimananda Mishra

Mahimananda Mishra obtained his Master of Arts and Juris Doctor degrees from Utkal University. The lessons his father had taught him drove him to fight for the legal rights of his fellow law students. Many people challenged him to run for the student union, which he dutifully accepted. He not only won the elections by a large majority, but also kept every promise he made. For the academic year 1971-1972, Mishra served as the president of the Students Union. During the academic year 1974-1975, he was president of the Students Union of MS Law College in Odisha.

Instead of going the safe way and accepting a government job, he had the courage to take a course never before seen in the history of mankind. After graduating, he launched OSL Group the following year, making his breakthrough in the corporate world. This was his first business venture after graduating. As Managing Director of Orissa Stevedore Limited, he achieved significant success in a number of sectors including stevedores, real estate, civil aviation, hospitality, entertainment, education and mining. He was also engaged in gold mining.

Chandan Mishra and Charchit Mishra are the two sons of the couple. After some time, Mahimananda Mishra and Minati Mishra were married. After watching his father build a lucrative career in the same industry, Chandan Mishra, who is currently the director of the OSL Group, the company’s flagship, decided to pursue a career in business. He is also responsible for the operations of sister company Mayur Agency, which are related to the aviation sector.

Charchit Mishra, the youngest son of Mahimananda Mishra, who is also the director of OSL Group, is the leader of the organization. Thanks to his father’s instruction and guidance, Charchit has grown into a powerful businessman. His presence in the OSL team gives the group a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. In addition to performing the duties of the president of the flagship company, Charchit is associated with a number of key corporate organizations, including Hyundai, BMW, Volkswagen, Mahindra and Tata Motors.

The long and illustrious history of the OSL Group, overseen by Mahimananda Mishra for more than three decades, is proof that prosperous companies are the result of a complex network of lasting bonds and connections.

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The potential exists for the government to seize Mahima Mishra’s assets.

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Transgender MBA marries man in Odisha.

Congress has criticized the chit fund investigation.

The potential exists for the government to seize Mahima Mishra’s assets.

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The affairs of Mahimananda Mishra

BHUBANESWAR: Based on the suspicion that business magnate Mahimananda Mishra has illegally collected huge amounts of money, the police are investigating whether it would be legal to seize Mishra’s property. Mishra was arrested in Bangkok on December 25 last year for plotting the murder of Mahendra Swain, a director of Seaways Shipping, on October 26. So far, at least 13 criminal cases against Mishra have been uncovered by the Paradeep police in the Jagatsinghpur area. On December 25 last year, Mishra was taken into custody and then charged with this alleged crime.

Mishra, the owner of Orissa Stevedores Limited (OSL), is said to have assets worth over Rs 10,000 crore. His bank accounts, with deposits totaling more than 5 crore rupees, have already been frozen by us. We are investigating the situation with legal advice to see if we can seize all of his assets, including his other bank accounts. We strongly believe that he obtained most of his wealth by using immoral methods. Although he was involved in several companies, stevedore work was his main occupation. He seized numerous contracts for forcibly handling cargo. “It was clear from Swain’s murder when Seaways Shipping emerged as a huge threat to his business and monopoly,” said a senior police officer who spoke to TOI.

The charges of Mahima Mishra

The police recently submitted their persuasive file to the court and tribunal against Mishra, who had a lot of influence in the police force and the power corridor. Mishra has never been arrested or found guilty of any crime, although he was charged with involvement in unlawful conduct as far back as 1995. He was detained in May 1998 in connection with the murder of trade unionist Bichitrananda Mallick, but was eventually released on bail.

“We explained to the court how he built his business empire and how it thrived despite being embroiled in numerous legal disputes. The officer said: “We are crossing our fingers that the judge would refuse him bail.

According to the case file kept by the police, Mishra made a number of unusual cash withdrawals from his company accounts between the months of August and September last year for a total of nearly Rs 80 lakh. “We strongly suspect that he was in possession of the huge sum of money to materialize Swain’s murder,” the police officer said.

In a related development, the District Police Commission is expected to request Mishra’s arrest so that he can be questioned in connection with a complaint filed against him in February 2016. Mancheswar Police had filed a case against Mishra, his colleague Basant Bal. , and congressional politician Arindam Sarkhel, dubbed Bapi, on the basis of a complaint from Mishra’s rival businessman Pranakrushna Nayak. On February 26, 2016, Nayak claimed that the three of them bombed his house. As a result of the complaint, cases were brought against all three. Bal and Sarkhel were both arrested in connection with the investigation into Swain’s death. Bal has received medical attention at the SCB medical center in Cuttack while he is being held by the police, while Sarkhel is still being held by the court.

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Mahima Mishra, the district and hearing judge of Jagatsinghpur, is said to have filed a new bail plea on Friday, said Nalinikanta Moharana, the court’s public prosecutor. Before being arrested, Mahima and Basant Bal, the director of OSL, filed a petition with the Orissa Supreme Court for preliminary injunctions.

However, the Supreme Court refused to grant them temporary protection.

Jagatsinghpur district and hearing court, Mihar Parida, has already rejected bail applications from the other accused defendants in this case, Congresswoman Bapi Sarkhel and Rakesh Chaubey of Jharkhand.

Awards & Accolades

The Paradip Port Trust awarded OSL Group for handling the most cargo at Paradip Port during fiscal year 2008-2009, which helped expand the port.

Hon. Chief Minister of Orissa Shri Naveen Patnaik Presents Outstanding Company Award

OSL was designated as a “STAR EXPORT HOUSE” status holder by the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of India from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2014.

Federation of Indian Export Organizations Certification of Merit

At a ceremony in Kolkata, OSL Vice-President Shri SN Mohanty received the esteemed Capexil Export Award.

Facts About Mahimananda Mishra

Mahimananda Mishra served as student union president at Christ College in Cuttack during the 1971-1972 academic year and the MS Law College in Orissa during the 1974-1975 academic year.

Including stevedores, steamboat agencies, customs agencies, chartering, in-port transportation, forwarding, port development and mining, he has been actively involved in all port-related activities of the Indian East Coast ports.

In addition to port development, mining and end-to-end logistics solutions, he also ventured into the hospitality, media production, aviation, education, steel rolling, healthcare and sugar industries. Among the many other platforms where OSL Group has a presence, it is also the only authorized wholesaler and supplier of some of the top FMCG items and MNCs in the state of Orissa.

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