“Meat Live and Neverland Express Bassist Explains Cause of Death of Neil Morris aka NeMo”

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Neil Morris

Neil Morris, aka NeMo, the bassist for Maet Live and Never Neverland Express, had died. Let’s see how Neil Morris aka NeMo died and the cause of his death in detail.

How did Neil Morris die?

Neil Morris, aka NeMo, the famous bassist, sadly passed away on January 11, 2023. The news of his death was shared by Robin and the statement read:

robin said “We were notified last night that NeMo, the bassist for Maet Live and Never Neverland Express has passed away.”

“The band means a lot to us as we’re sure they mean a lot to you – we’re deeply saddened by this news.”

“Robin would like to send thoughts and condolences to NeMo’s family, friends and band.

Thank you, Neil Morris.”

Cause of death of Neil Morris:

The cause of Neil Morris’ death has not been released. At this time, it is not known exactly what led to his death, other than the confirmation of his death and the exact cause of NeMo’s death was also not released.

To learn more about the cause of Neil Morris’ death, we are trying to contact his friends and family. This section will be updated as soon as we learn new information.

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Who was Neil Morris?

Musician Neil Morris, also known as NeMo, was the bassist for the famous music group Maet Live and Never Neverland Express.

The best live Meat Loaf tribute band in the UK is called Maet Live and The Never Neverland Express. It was formerly known as Maet Loaf.

Maet LIVE (formerly Maet Loaf) & The Never Neverland Express were formed over 12 years ago, shortly after lead singer Craig Halford, deceased Meat Loaf singer, starred in ITV’s Stars in Their Eyes and The Last Leg on Channel 4.

Since then the band has grown steadily, performing at prestigious venues and festivals across the UK and Europe.

With the same enthusiasm and dedication as the big man himself, Maet LIVE successfully combines explosive live performances with album tracks, winning over rock fans and casual listeners alike.

Drums, bass, lead guitar, keyboards and female backing vocals are the same as in Meat Loaf’s live band The Neverland Express, creating the same massive and polished sound as the original.


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