Meet Jaicy Elliot, Ryan Rottman and more

Meet Jaicy Elliot, Ryan Rottman and more

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The next holiday movie, “My Southern Family Christmas,” will star a number of well-known actors and actresses, such as Jaicy Elliot and Ryan Rottman, among others.

Cajun Village and the Coffee House in Sorrento were both used as filming locations for the series My Southern Family. Campbell, a journalist, is the protagonist of the story. He gets a chance to cover a Noel Christmas event in Louisiana. There she reconnects with her biological father and his family after a long separation.

Campbell spends time with her father and her father’s family, but she keeps her true identity a secret from her father. As she spends more time with them, she realizes more and more that the family is chaotic, but in a beautiful way. Ultimately, it is up to her to determine whether or not she will reveal her true identity, or if she will choose to hide it.

If the journalist discovered her hidden identity, it would irrevocably change the way their family celebrates Christmas. What will Campbell do? Will she discuss this matter with her father?

The new movie about Christmas will star a number of well-known actors, such as Jaicy Elliot and Ryan Rottman, among others.

My Southern Family Christmas will premiere Thursday, November 24, 2022 on the Hallmark Channel

My Southern Family Christmas will premiere Thursday, November 24, 2022 on the Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Newest My Southern Family Christmas Full Cast List

The upcoming Hallmark movie “My Southern Family Christmas” has an impressive roster of actors and actresses, which you can find below.

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Mary Kelly

Mary KellyMary Kelly

Mary Kelly

54-year-old American actress Moira Kelly is most famous for her roles as single mother Karen Roe in the long-running and critically acclaimed teen drama One Tree Hill and Kate Moseley in the 1992 film The Cutting Edge.

Moira Kelly was the third of six children and grew up in Ronkonkoma. The third of six children, she was born in Queens, New York, to Irish immigrants Peter Kelly and Anne Kelly. After completing her high school education at Connetquot Senior High School in Bohemia with the class of 1986, she enrolled at Marymount Manhattan College.

She married Steve Hewitt, a Texas businessman, on August 5, 2000. The happy couple are the parents of a daughter named Ella and a son named Eamon. They spent about eleven years in Wilmington, North Carolina before moving to Flower Mound, Texas, where they currently live.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell

Actor and director Bruce Campbell introduced a touch of glitz and glamor to the Hallmark channel over the past holiday season with the original movie Once December Night. This year he returns with the most recent Christmas film, My Southern Family Christmas.

While Bruce is best known for his portrayals of terrifying characters, he easily captures the attention of his audience with his charm, fun-loving nature, and comedic timing. He is best known for his performance as Ash Williams in the film franchise Evil Dead directed by Sam Raimi.

In 1983, he married the woman who would become his first wife, Christine Deveau. They had two children together after their divorce in 1989. Jacksonville, Oregon is the location of Bruce’s current home, which he shares with his second wife, the costume designer Ida Gearon.

Jaicy Elliot

Jaicy ElliotJaicy Elliot

Jaicy Elliot

Born in France but raised in the United States, American actress Jaicy Elliot is best known for her role as Dr. Taryn Helm on the popular television series Grey’s Anatomy. Her most recent job was as Ella in the Hallmark movie Romance in Style, which she also starred in.

The young actress started her acting career in 2018 by appearing in an episode of the web series Grey’s Anatomy: The Webisodes. She appeared as a guest star in the 2019 season of the television series Noches con Platanito. She then had an appearance on Station 19 in the role of Dr. Taryn Helm.

Brian McNamara

Brian McNamaraBrian McNamara

Brian McNamara

It was in the movie “The Flamingo Kid” that the American actor Brian McNamara got his first major role (1984). He then had roles in the films Short Circuit (1986), Arachnophobia (1990), Mystery Date (1991) and Caddyshack 11 (1992). (1988).

The actor was recognized for his outstanding role as Dean Karny in the television movie Billionaire Boys Club (1987), for which he received a nomination for a Golden Globe Award. On the other hand, he is probably most recognized for his role as Michael Holden in the sitcom Amy Wives (2007-2013).

Ryan Rotman

Ryan RotmanRyan Rotman

Ryan Rotman

Ryann Rotman, who hails from Connecticut and is currently 38 years old, is known for her role as Joey Colvin in the television series Gigantic. After completing his high school education at Lufkin High School, he went on to study at Texas Tech University.

In the comedy film The House Bunny, which Fred Wolf directed and starred in, he made his acting debut as a background character in 2008. He acted in plays in the past while attending Texas Tech University. 2009 was the year Ryan appeared in the movies “The Open Road” and “Stuntmen”.

Brian Collins

Brian CollinsBrian Collins

Brian Collins

Mary is a role that Bri Collins will play in the upcoming Christmas movie My Southern Family Christmas. Her hometown is New Orleans and she currently lives in Los Angeles. In the TV show Tales, she plays the role of Camille King.

The actress starred in ‘The Underground Railroad’, which won both the Emmy Award and the Oscar for Best Picture, both directed by Barry Jenkins. The novel was written by Colson Whitehead, who later won the Pulitzer Prize for it.

Grail Bryant Banks

Grail Bryant BanksGrail Bryant Banks

Grail Bryant Banks

Gralen Bryant Banks is a talented actor who is best known for playing the character of Older Man in the movie Queen & Slim which was released in 2019. He has been contributing to the entertainment industry since 2008. His tenure in this field now spans more than ten years.

He was cast in the movie Who Do You Love which was released in 2008. In the television series Memphis Beat, Gralen played the role of Manny Sud in the year 2010, and the following year, he participated in the movie Never Back Down 2. : The Beatdown in the role of Frankie.

Sarah S. Visser

Sarah S. VisserSarah S. Visser

Sarah S. Visser

In the movie “My Southern Family Christmas” the dazzling Sarah S. Fisher plays the role of “Journalist #1”. She is an enthusiastic and dedicated artist who strives to immerse herself in all facets of this industry, including talent, production and stunts.

At the age of 18, she uprooted her life and moved to Orlando, Florida, where she began working for several theme parks in the area. Soon after, she developed an interest in the stilt walker and discovered a previously unknown talent.

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My southern family Christmas 2022

JR Rick Carter and Daniel Lewis serve as executive producers for the television special My Southern Family Christmas. Melissa West is responsible for producing the show. It will debut on the Hallmark Channel on November 24, 2022, at 8 p.m. (central time).

Campbell Wallace’s character is played by Jaicy Elliot. The roles she played in the television series Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy gave Elliot most of her fame. Before that, she had a starring role in the Hallmark movie Romance in Style.

The role of Jackson Shepherd is played by American actor Ryan Rottman, who is 38 years old. Rottman’s roles in the television series Gigantic, 90210, The Lying Game, Happyland, and See Dad Run helped establish his reputation as an actor. Stuntmen, White Dwarf, The Best Worst Christmas Ever, and Billionaire Boys Club are just some of the movies he has appeared in. His past roles include Christmas Wonderland, Sister of the Bride, and Christmas for Keeps, all of which are considered original Hallmark movies.

Moira Kelly, an American actress who is currently 54 years old, plays the role of Jennifer Bergeron. Kelly is a well-known actress best known for her performances in the films The Cutting Edge, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Chaplin, and Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story. She has starring roles in the television programs Panic, To Have & to Hold, One Tree Hill and To Have & to Hold. Her film credits include ‘Drive, She Said’, Dangerous Beauty, Hi-Life, The Safety of Objects and Two Tickets to Paradise. With Honors, Little Odessa, The Tie That Binds, Unhook the Stars and “Drive, She Said” are all among her film credits.

Everett Bergeron is played by Bruce Campbell, an American actor and director who is currently 64 years old. Campbell is known for his role as Ash Williams in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise, as well as prominent roles in a number of low-budget cult films, such as Bubba Ho-Tep, Maniac Cop, Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat, and Crimewave. The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Jack of All Trades, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, Burn Notice, and Ash vs. Evil Dead were some of the television shows where he appeared as a main character.

‘My Southern Family Christmas’, filmed in Ascension Parish, debuts on Hallmark Channel Nov. 24 at 7 p.m.

Before the premiere of “My Southern Family Christmas,” which takes place November 24 at 7 p.m. and was filmed in Ascension Parish, a preview of the program can be seen on the Hallmark Channel website.

Even in a short clip from the film, one of the characters gives a shout-out to the town of Sorrento in one of their lines. There is also a short promotional video on the website.

A journalist is the protagonist of this story. She receives an invitation to cover a Pere Noel Christmas celebration in Louisiana, and while there, she finally gets a chance to reunite with her long-lost father and her father’s new family.

The Christmas movie being shot at the Cajun Village and Coffee House in Sorrento features a number of well-known actors, as mentioned in an earlier post. Due to the filming that took place from September 21-23, the closed establishment could be found at the intersection of Highways 22 and 70.

Evergreen Films is a family-owned and independent production company based in Covington. Daniel Lewis, the owner of Evergreen Films, has previously shared some of the stars in the film, including Jaicy Elliot, Bruce Campbell, Moira Kelly, and Ryan Rottman.

The film’s producers are hopeful that it will have a positive impact on Ascension Parish and the surrounding Baton Rouge area, and the film’s working title was “Family Christmas.” In an earlier statement, they indicated that the names of local places and businesses would be used.

The following synopsis of the upcoming film was provided by Hallmark in late September: “Campbell has a chance to get to know her biological father for the first time – without him ever knowing who she really is.” She comes to the conclusion as a result of her interactions with him, his family, and the town’s official record holder that families are wonderful despite their inherent dysfunction. Ultimately, Campbell faces a decision that will determine whether she hides her true identity from her father or tells him the truth; whichever path she chooses, Christmas will never be the same for their family.

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