Meet the cast and crew of Christmas Lucky Charm 2022

Meet the cast and crew of Christmas Lucky Charm 2022

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Cast members of Christmas Lucky Charm include names like Sugenja Sri and Adrian Spencer. It is scheduled to debut on UPtv on November 20, 2022, and it will be accessible after that day.

The Christmas programming on UPTV offers a fantastic mix of cheesiness and feel-good romance, much like UPTV’s Christmas Lucky Charm, which has an intriguing storyline and seems to have a compelling cast of characters.

The movie tells the story of Jessica, and it seems like every guy she’s ever dated has found love in their relationship with her pretty quickly after they started dating. As Jessica resigns herself to her heartbreaking love life, the owner of a beautiful gallery moves in across the street. She decides not to date during the holidays.

Now that the holiday season has officially begun, you can make a lucky charm for Christmas and celebrate with your family as you choose which cookies to bring out for Santa this year. The following is an exhaustive list of all the information we currently have about the film’s cast.

Christmas Lucky Charm premieres on UPtv

Christmas Lucky Charm premieres on UPtv

Christmas Lucky Charm Cast

Sugenja Sri as Jessica Connolly

Sugenja Sri plays Jessica Connolly in Christmas Lucky CharmSugenja Sri plays Jessica Connolly in Christmas Lucky Charm

Sugenja Sri plays Jessica Connolly in Christmas Lucky Charm

In the film, Sri plays the role of Jessica Connolly, who is played by the character she played. She is considered one of the most important actresses of the film. Some of Sugenja Sri’s best known works include the television shows Designated Survivor (2018), A Simple Favor (2018) and The Handmaid’s Tale (2017).

Sienna is the role she plays in the Hulu adaptation of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. In this television series, the maid known as June is renamed Offred at one point. The majority of the United States is currently under the control of a theocratic religious regime, which has resulted in the country being renamed Gilead.

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In this country, women are considered no more than second-class citizens. Anyone who makes an attempt to get away will be found and punished. One such person is known as June; she is caught trying to run from her husband and child, and as a result is sentenced to the role of a handmaiden, in which she is responsible for bearing children for political leaders who have no children of their own.

We’ve been trying to find Jessica on social media, but it doesn’t seem like she’s on there. We look forward to interacting with her on one of the various social media platforms in the near future so that we can get to know her better.

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Adrian Spencer as Mitch Jameson

Adrian Spencer plays the role of Mitch Jameson in the film. At this point, very little information about his personality is available. They have previous experience working together due to the fact that they both appeared on the television series Designated Survivor at the same time. Since they both knew each other, it must have been easier for them to get in touch.

Adrian Spencer was born on May 8, 1990 in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. An actor as well as a director, he is best known for his work on the films ‘Designated Survivor’ (2015), ’12 Monkeys’ (2015) and ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ (2015). (2019).

Alanna LeVierge as Ally Carlisle

Alanna Le ViergeAlanna Le Vierge

Alanna Le Vierge

The upcoming movie Christmas Luck Charm will star Alanna in the role of Ally. Alanna was an only child who was born and raised in the peaceful countryside of Abbotsford, British Columbia from the time she was a little girl. Her imaginative nature and penchant for creativity propelled her into the world of performing at a young age.

Her first starring role was at the age of eight, portraying a young girl living in a closed car with her family during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

After graduating cum laude from the arts and entertainment management program at Capilano University, Alanna packed up and moved to Toronto, where she now works as an executive assistant for a talent agency in that city.

When Alanna realized that acting was her real calling, she enrolled in the acting program at the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in New York City. She auditioned for and was accepted into the One Year Conservatory Program, and she put a lot of effort into improving her career as an actress.

She has since moved back to Toronto where she is pursuing an acting career while also working on several film and television projects, both short and long.

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Ish Morris as Liam Bodle

Ishan Morris is a Canadian actor, singer and recording artist working in the hip-hop, pop and R&B music genres under the stage name iSH. Morris is best known by his stage name. A native of Jamaica, he has also called New York City and the Cayman Islands home in the past. His current residence is in Toronto.

Ishan was conceived in Ireland by an Irish mother and raised in Jamaica by a Jamaican father. He spent most of his formative years wandering Jamaica and Canada. After graduating from high school, the actor moved to the Cayman Islands, where he lived for a while, before moving to New York City to attend the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

After graduating from high school, Morris began his career as an actor, playing various roles in films, television shows, and advertisements. In the TV show Soul, he co-starred with Keshia Chante, and also won a regular role in the Baxter series, which airs on The Family Channel. Both roles were won. He also had a role as Alex in the eighth installment of the Saw horror film series, which was called Saw 3D.

Growing up in a household with a strong musical background, Morris had a passion for music early on. His first single, titled “Falling in Love With You”, entered the top 40 on lists compiled by Canadian radio stations and Mediabase.

Sonia Dhillon Tully as Frankie Connolly

Sonia DhillonSonia Dhillon

Sonia Dhillon

Sonia Dhillon Tully is a Canadian actress, television show host and fitness instructor. She is best known for her work on the Saw film series and for creating and hosting the SunTV program ‘Intimate Yoga’. Sonia Dhillon Tully is also a member of the Canadian Screen Actors Guild.

In the first episode of the early drama Side Effects, Father Knows Best, which aired in 1995, Sonia made her debut as an actress in the role of the Attendant.

After making her acting debut, she played various roles in movies and television shows over the next three years. However, in the year 2000, she made the decision to pursue a career in traditional yoga, which resulted in the end of her career.

After completing her studies at Brahmrishi Yoga Training College, which is affiliated with Punjab University, she moved back to Toronto in 2003 and soon after started working as a yoga instructor in a private studio.

It wasn’t until 2014 that she returned to acting, first with a guest appearance on Degrassi: The Next Generation and then with a role as Jordyn Kincaid on Degrassi: Don’t Look Back. On Instagram she posts under the name ‘soniadtully’ and you can find her there. She currently has more than 500 followers on that platform.

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Theresa Tova as Mrs. Barnett

Theresa Tova, a Canadian actor, singer, and playwright, was honored with three Dora Mavor Moore Awards for her work on the play Still the Night in the year 1997. However, the details of her character in Christmas Lucky Charm have not yet been revealed. .

Tova was born in Paris, France, but spent much of her childhood in Calgary, Alberta. Her parents were Polish Jews who had survived the Holocaust.

However, she also played Marge Atherton in an episode of the early 1990s television series ENG at the 8th Gemini Awards in 1993, and she was also nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. The actress is best known for her work on stage and musical theater.

Tova has continued to perform on stage, most recently in productions of They’re Playing Our Song, Fiddler on the Roof and The Diary of Anne Frank, in addition to her supporting roles in films, television shows and web series.

Other casts

  • Andrea Senior as Natasha Bloom
  • Colton Royce as Dan
  • Jeff Irving as John
  • Shane McLean as Remy
  • Kato Alexander as Niall

Other crew

  • Director Amy Force
  • Writer – Jennifer Snow
  • Production company Brain Power Studio

Where can you view Christmas Lucky Charm?

On Sunday, November 20, the first episode of Christmas Lucky Charm will be broadcast on the UPtv channel. It airs at 7:00 PM Eastern Time (ET). Note the date and time of the movie in your calendar so you can go see it.

It can be difficult for some people to watch Christmas movies on UpTV as they cut ties with their cable providers many years ago. On the other hand, there is the option to stream Christmas movies through UpTV.

Even if you don’t have cable, you can still watch movies on UpTV by using Friendly TV. On the streaming service Frndly Tv, users get access to forty channels suitable for families, including UpTV, Hallmark Channels, Lifetime and Great American Family.

Some frequently asked questions

Where can I watch Christmas Lucky Charm?

You can watch the movie by logging into UPTV. It is one of 17 films the channel has released in time for the holidays.

When does Christmas Lucky Charm premiere?

It will be made available to customers on November 4. In addition, they will air at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

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