Meet The Cast Of The Challenge Australia 2022: Who Is Left?

Meet The Cast Of The Challenge Australia 2022: Who Is Left?

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Thanks to Network Ten, The Challenge Australia has finally begun after months of eager expectation.

The Challenge Australia, a spin-off of Road Rules and The Real World, brings 22 of the country’s most adored reality stars together to participate in a series of challenges for a cash prize of $200,000.

The competition series will be filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and will feature randomly partnered challengers competing in taxing physical challenges, survival eliminations, ruthless alliances, test strategies, and hook-ups in an effort to win daily tasks and avoid elimination.

On November 14, 2022, Network 10 broadcast the first episode of the programme, which is hosted by sports analyst and television host Brihony Dawson. Here is all the information you require regarding the cast of The Challenge’s first Australian season.

The Challenge Australia featuring twenty-two Australian reality television contestants premiered on Network 10 on 14 November 2022.

The Challenge Australia featuring twenty-two Australian reality television contestants premiered on Network 10 on 14 November 2022.

Meet The Cast Of The Challenge Australia 2022

Male Contestants

Ciarran Stott

Ciarran StottCiarran Stott

Ciarran Stott

The Bachelor In Paradise, The Bachelorette Australia, and The Bachelorette Sweden are where 28-year-old Ciarran Stott gained the most notoriety.

The tattooed guy from Manchester is eager to bring home the winnings so he can provide for his family. Stott, the “bad guy” on The Bachelor in Paradise, is well-known for his endearing demeanour, slender build, tattoos, and long, blond lion’s name.

With his high-profile and contentious hookups and separations, Stott has established quite a reputation in the dating world. The reality star claimed last week that he had decided to stop using drugs and alcohol after becoming aware of the significant blunders he frequently makes.

Ciarran declared, “I’m simply going to go 100% for it and give it my best,” prior to The Challenge Australia.

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Conor Curran

Conor CurranConor Curran

Conor Curran

Conor Curran, the renowned star of MasterChef Australia, is well known for his ice cream, drinks, and donning the single earring.

He adores cooking traditional Greek dishes and loves making the world a more welcoming place. The recipe developer and content producer, who is happy to identify as LGBTQI, accepted The Challenge after initially being hesitant.

Curran enjoys travelling and frequently uses Greek cooking methods. He has spent the most of his career working in South East Asian restaurants. He also spent two years living in a Caribbean area in London and has dabbled in Mexican and Middle Eastern food.

He was raised in Melbourne and attributes his love of cooking to his adored grandma. Conor used his ten years of restaurant-working experience like a sponge, soaking it up and getting ready to squeeze.

Grant Crapp

Grant CrappGrant Crapp

Grant Crapp

The Challenge Australia, one of the most popular television franchises in the world, has welcomed back Grant Crapp, the winner of the inaugural season of Love Island Australia.

In addition to wanting to provide for his family financially, Crapp joined the cast to prove to himself that he can do it. The businessman struggled after being away from his family to record the series while also having a young daughter and another child on the way.

Grant attended Marist College in Canberra while growing up in Canberra, Australia. He used to be an electrician, and now he owns and operates GDC Carpentry and Electrical in Malua Bay.

The hardest aspect, he admitted, was the mental strain of being away from home.

Jack Vidgen

Jack Vidgen, an Australian singer who is now 25 years old, became well-known after taking home the title in the fifth season of Australia’s Got Talent in 2011.

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Since then, Jack has put out successful music, lived in America to further his career, and returned to television to feature on I’m a Celebrity and Eurovision Australia Decides. Get Me Out, The Voice Australia, and The Masked Singer most recently.

Additionally, Vidgen co-hosts the well-liked “Hey Doll” show on iHeart Radio. Following the signing of a recording contract with Sony Music Australia, his first song “Yes I Am” and a studio album bearing the same name were released in August 2011.

Between 2007 and 2010, Jack, the son of Steve Vidgen and Rachel Hayton, appeared at a number of Sydney events, such as the Eisteddfod, the neighbourhood Christmas carols, and Schools Spectacular. He also picked up the keyboard and guitar.

Konrad Bien-Stephen

Konrad Bien-Stephen, who was born and raised in Melbourne, had an appearance on television during The Bachelorette Australia’s 2021 season.

The charming carpenter from Victoria introduces himself as a trustworthy and devoted guy who will not think twice to “travel to the ends of the earth” for those he cherishes and loves. He is prepared to put up a fierce fight to win that cash prize as a participant in The Challenge Australia.

Konrad claims to be a hopeless romantic who draws inspiration from his adored parents and has acknowledged that he has a tendency to fall in love a little too quickly. He provides “honesty, admiration, affection, jokes, loyalty, and a few headaches” for his companion.

David Subritzky

a happy, fun-loving personality From the time he entered the I’m A Celebrity studio, David Subritzly captured the attention of celebs. Take Me Away From Here!

The youthful star, who exudes an endearing confidence and contagious aura, is starting The Challenge Australia. He spent his first 16 years of life in Lancashire, the United Kingdom, before migrating to Australia in 2012.

He subsequently enrolled in a Brisbane private school for Year 11 but struggled with the transition, leaving after just three months. He then made the decision to work at Donut King. You’re good with people, but not with donuts, said his boss.

When “Tradie Dave” began assisting his father on a gas pipeline in 2013, he had just been born. After a year, he made the decision to take a break and relocated to the renowned party island of Ibiza. Later, in 2015, he went back to Australia and has since worked numerous jobs in Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

John “Johnny” Eastoe

Johnny Estoe, a capable and likeable contestant, is well-known for his participation in Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders and Australian Survivor: AllStars in 2019.

John, a gold miner from Western Australia, is participating in The Challenge Australia and is hoping that his tenacity would help him win. He is a tough and determined player, but he also likes to have fun with his friends and family.

In Footscray, Victoria, he was reared by his single mother and his grandmother. Later, in order to work in the mining business, he relocated to Kalgoorlie. He simply wants to be a likeable guy who is friendly. John claims, “I can see a snake in the grass.”

Billy Dib

Billy Dib, a professional boxer who is 37 years old, was born at Sydney’s Kogarah Hospital. In addition to being the IBO super-featherweight champion in 2008, he held the IBF featherweight championship from 2011 to 2013.

To hold the title of two-time World Champion boxer, he overcame bigotry, bullying, loss, and suffering throughout his childhood. Since birth, Billy has battled chronic asthma, which required him to spend his first six months in an incubator.

Billy found boxing at the age of 12 to help him with his condition. At the neighbourhood Police and Community Youth Club, he then began boxing. The boxer’s parents had a modest greengrocer shop in Engadine after moving to Australia from Lebanon.

Marley Biyendolo

Marley Biyendolo, a semi-pro basketball player, triumphed over 20 other competitors to win Big Brother Australia (also known as Big Brother) in 2021.

Owner of his own company, “Marley & Me Supports,” the athlete. Within his community, Markey works as a disability support worker and a psychosocial recovery coach. He intends to take on new tasks and try to win another TV show as a participant in The Challenge.

Marley was raised in Melbourne, Victoria, by his devoted parents Clotaire Buyendolo and Victoria Biyendolo. After graduating from Cheltenham Secondary College, he enrolled at Pepperdine University. The Biyendolo family is tremendously supportive of one another’s endeavours and plays in a string band together.

Troy Cullen

Troy Cullen, an Australian Ninja Warrior contestant and carpenter by trade, has participated in three seasons of the competition. He is eager to win The Challenge because he placed in the grand finals of two of the seasons.

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Troy, a fierce Ninja Warrior participant, feels that the event has better equipped him for his next trials. He looks forward to the various challenges he will face during the event. “I think The Challenge is fantastic in that regard,”

“I’m quite well rounded, and I’m decent at puzzles and math,” would be Troy’s strongest strength. He claims that food is his weakness, so he might find it difficult to complete the eating challenges.

Ryan Gallagher

Ryan Gallagher gained notoriety for his participation in Married at First Sight Australia’s 2018 season. He was successful in winning the national affection of Australians for the quintessential larrikin from Down Under.

The “comedian in training” has made appearances on a number of comedy circuits after his stint on the reality show. On I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, he also romanced Charlotte Crosby. In 2018, Ryan and Davina Rankin were partnered on Married at First Sight.

The comic, however, was devastated to learn that Davina had cheated on him with rival contestant Dean Wells. Even when his ex-wife joined I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in January 2022, he had some harsh comments for her.

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Female Contestants

Brittany Hockley

Brittany HockleyBrittany Hockley

Brittany Hockley

A well-known actress, reality TV personality, presenter, radio broadcaster, podcaster, and author is Brittany Hockley. She played the part of Jade in the 2022 movie Malibu Crush, among other roles.

She is also well-known for her roles on The Bachelor Australia, Have You Been Paying Attention? (2018), and Bachelor in Paradise (2020). (2018). He took part in The Challenge so that he could compete outside of his comfort zone and go on an adventure abroad.

Hockley founded and oversees the wildly popular podcast “Life Uncut” with her friend and coworker Laura Byrne. The podcast reached Australia’s top spot in 2019 there. It was ranked among the top 20 new podcasts of 2019 by Apple in December.

Audrey Kanongara

On Season 3 of Love Island Australia in 2021, the stunning model Audrey Kanongara, 22, made her Australian television debut as an islander. She moved into the house on Day 21 and took part in the very first Casa Amor.

On Day 26, Audrey was booted off the island. To convince herself that she is cut out for greatness, she joined up for The Challenge. She want to win the competition and prove everyone wrong who doubts her.

The young model admitted that she has been dating her current partner for a year despite her failure to find love on the popular dating show. After Audrey departed the Love Island villa, the couple started dating.

Brooke Jowett

Brooke Jowett, who competed on Australian Survivor (2016) and Australian Survivor: All Stars, has made a comeback on Australian television by taking part in The Challenge Australia.

Jowett is a recognised media figure and a licenced fitness expert. She developed a significant social network over time, introduced her line of sportswear called JRSY, and attained the title of Master HIIT Trainer.

Her capacity for forming sincere connections fast is what she identifies as her greatest talent. She has the ability to make people feel at ease as soon as they meet her. I am a physical threat, which will place a bullseye on my back, Brooke noted when discussing her weakness.

Brooke Blurton

As the first ever bisexual and Indigenous Bachelorette in Australian television history in 2021, Brooke Blurton made history.

Blurton, a devoted Noongar-Yamatji woman, has worked with kids and in social services. The reality star most recently started a podcast and published her memoir “Big Move.” She aspires to always be true to herself.

In her memoir, she has discussed how complex her upbringing was. Blurton, who was just 11 years old when she lost her mother and grandma, struggled greatly. She goes on to explain why she considers her nana’s engagement ring and watch to be two of her most cherished items.

Cyrell Paule

Cyrell PauleCyrell Paule

Cyrell Paule

The ferocious “Cyclone Cyrell” Paule from Married At First Sight is the former healthcare assistant Cyrell Paule. She has since become a proud mother and has moved in with her child.

The Sydney native who recently joined the cast of The Challenger Australia claimed that having a child was her biggest achievement. While tackling the series’ different difficulties, she is prepared to astound both herself and others around her.

My mouth is both my strongest strength and my biggest weakness, she claims. Paule thinks that taking part in the competition will inspire her to try out new activities. I haven’t had that since becoming a mother, so long.”

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Jessica Brody

As a participant in Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor Australia, Jessica Brody made her television debut in Australia. The tattooed beauty is a skilled tattoo artist in addition to being a makeup artist and owner of her own beauty company, “Brody Beauty.”

She also gained notoriety for her participation in the third season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia, where she met the show’s resident “bad boy,” Ciarran Stott. Jessica has a remarkable capacity for composure under duress.

Brody is committed to getting ready for strength training and is a fan of the US version of the franchise. The reality personality said, “Probably my mental fortitude and ability to maintain calm under pressure,” when asked what her greatest strength was.

Kiki Morris

Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor Australia featured the stunning model Kiki Morris, who made her television debut in Australia. She subsequently joined Season 3’s cast of Bachelor in Paradise.

Ciarran Stott persuaded the Australian model, makeup artist, and influencer Kiki to leave Bachelor In Paradise and pursue their romance on the outside. Sadly, their plan didn’t turn out as they had hoped.

Morris has signed up for The Challenge Australia in an effort to demonstrate her mental and physical toughness. The model asserts, “I would have to say that my social game is my strongest skill.” She has a strong constitution and approaches her health holistically.

Kiki is a person who is very focused and wants to show all the people who don’t believe in her that she can succeed.

Megan Marx

Megan Marx, a well-known reality television star, made an appearance on The Bachelor Australia’s fourth season. She later joined the cast of Bachelor in Paradise’s first season.

She enjoys exploring new places and is prepared to take on The Challenge Australia. Megan believes that watching a few seasons of the US version of the competition series would help her prepare.

Megan is skilled at interacting with others and is modest about her abilities. The reality star, who enjoys a good adrenaline rush, is eager to take on new challenges and aspires to win the series.

Cherneka “Sugar” Johnson

Professional boxer Cherneka “Sugar” Johnson began her career in 20011. Since April 2022, she has held the IBF junior-featherweight championship. In her professional career, she has accrued a record of 14 wins and 1 loss.

Johnson, who was born in New Zealand but maintains Australian citizenship, represents Australia abroad. She now has three significant boxing titles, including the 2017 WBA Oceanic female bantamweight crown.

She and Shannon O’Connell fought for the WBA Gold female bantamweight championship in 2021. Shannon prevailed after a close decision. In 2016, Cherneka made her career debut by taking on Thailand’s Napaporn Ruengsuwan.

Emily Seebohm

A professional swimmer and media personality, Emily Seebohm competed in four Olympic Games between 2008 and 2021. She excels in the backstroke, but she has also achieved success in the freestyle and individual medley.

Three Olympic gold medals, seven gold medals from the Commonwealth Games, and five gold medals from international championships have all been won by Emily. When the swimmer participated in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, viewers got to see another side of her.

She captured the hearts of her audience with her compassion, candour, and realness. For a few years, Emily has been a devoted follower of The Challenger. She wanted to be a part of the series ever since she started watching it. “I adore anything that pushes me,” she exclaims.

Suzan Mutesi

Originating in Uganda Suzan Mutesi is an Australian-Ugandan model, actress, writer, content producer, and clothing designer. She is eager to display her tenacity and sincerity on The Challenger Australia.

Suzan finished high school at Delany College in Granville after relocating to Australia. She studied at Australia’s premier design school “I graduated with a Bachelor of Design with a concentration in Fashion from Raffles KvB Institute of Technology.

She has a recognisable acting resume thanks to roles in films including Heart Break High, Shang-Chi, the Legend of the Ten Rings, Ruby’s Choice, Moon Rock for Monday, and Deadly Women. Suzan also took home the 2014 African Australian Music and Movie Award for Fashion Icon.

Who Has Been Eliminated From The Challenge Australia?

Here is a list of every person who has so far been booted from The Challenge’s initial Australian season.

Billy Dob, a professional boxer, and influencer Suzan Mutesi were regrettably ousted from the competition in the first episode after finishing in the same elimination round as fellow candidates Cyrell Paule and Jack Vidgem.

Billy and Suzan had to stop their journey before it even started. The remaining 20 players, meanwhile, are eager to take on new obstacles and compete for the cash prizes.

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