Memphis IRS TN Building Shooting Video and Photos Viral on Twitter, Check Suspect Name and the Latest News

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Memphis IRS TN Building Shooting Update| Check the official details and suspect name: Recently, there was a shooting incident reported at the Memphis IRS TN building where five people were shot by a shooter. The Memphis Police Department arrived at the scene upon a disturbance call. As they get to the site, the shooter escaped from the building. However, the Police found five people dead in a fatal shooting. As per the witnesses’ report, the shooter shot five people to death. After that, he started open firing at the site. However, the Police and authorities have alerted the district and the civilians about the incident. Check out the further official details and latest updates down below.

Memphis IRS TN Building Shooting

Memphis IRS TN Building Shooting

Currently, you can find various posts about the Memphis IRS TN Building shooting by the Memphis Police Department on Twitter. Along with it, the shooting incident has become the talk of the town on social media. Every news channel and press has been covering the headlines of the Memphis IRS TN Building shooting incident. According to the police reports, the shooter is identified as Zekiel Kelly who is just 19 years old teenager. The suspect has been listed on the wanted list in the nearby district and the state.

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The shooter Kelly has already shot five people to the death near Memphis IRS TN building. Since then the Memphis Police Department has been looking for the killer who is hiding somewhere in the district. As per the reports, the CCTV footage shows that he was found in a blue infiniti car. Then he was seen in a grey Toyota. You would be shocked to know that he was doing open firing while driving.

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We got the post from the Memphis Police Department where they shared all the details regarding the incident. Along with it, the civilians of Memphis are hereby informed that don’t go outside their homes unless it is important.

If you find any suspicious activity around, you can contact the Memphis Police Helpline number. The authorities need your corporation and awareness to locate the suspect.

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