WATCH: Mike Tyson Airplane Punch Video Viral On The Twitter/ Reddit! What Happened To Bloodies Passenger?

Mike Tyson airplane Punch viral video: Recently, the former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson became a public figure ever since he punched his fellow first-class passenger. Since then Mike Tyson’s punching video has been circulating all over the internet. There are numerous people on social media reacting after seeing the viral video of Tyson fighting with a passenger. You must have seen the video on social media, but you hardly know the story behind it. As per the sources, the fight begins with a passenger who aggressively throws a water bottle at Mike Tyson.  After that, we get to see some serious argument between Mike Tyson and a first-class passenger.

WATCH: Mike Tyson Airplane Punch Video Viral On The Twitter/ Reddit! What Happened To Bloodies Passenger?

It’s been a few days since Mike Tyson’s airplane punching video got viral on the internet. The incident took place on Wednesday night when JetBlue Plane took off from San Francisco to Miami. As per the reports, the passenger was repeatedly teasing Tyson after the came from a party. However, Tyson tried to deal with it in a calm way. Suddenly, the passenger went aggressive with him and threw a water bottle at him. Meanwhile, Tyson lost his control and punched the passenger. The whole incident was captured on the camera. Later, it was uploaded to social media.

The representatives of Tyson released statements through the media. They said, “Unfortunately, Mr. Tyson had an incident on a flight with an aggressive passenger who began harassing and threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat”. After that incident, the San Francisco reported for “Physical altercation” on a plane at the airport domestic terminal around 10 PM.

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As per the officials, the passenger was heavily under the influence of alcohol during the incident. Right now, the situation has been taken under control. The officials say that the officer arrived at the airport where the passenger got fewer injuries after the violence. He has been sent to the hospital for treatment.

As per witness or passenger Sarah Burchfield, the guy was teasing Mike under the influence of alcohol. Later, he went aggressive with him.

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