“Miyoo Unveils Expanded Version of Its Most Popular PDA”

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Introduction to the world of portable gaming is gaining momentum with the recent release of Miyoo Mini, a pocket-sized emulator that has revolutionized the gaming industry. With its glossy screen and size comparable to a deck of playing cards, Miyoo Mini has been a hit among gamers of all levels. Now, Miyoo is set to launch a new version, the Miyoo Mini+, which promises to be even better than its predecessor. This new device will feature a larger screen, a 3000mAh battery, and compatibility with OnionOS for smoother operation. The device is expected to be released soon after Chinese New Year, and gamers are already buzzing with anticipation for the Miyoo Mini+. With its superior features and more affordable price tag, the Miyoo Mini+ is sure to be a hit among gamers.

According to the latest industry insiders, Miyoo, which recently found success with Miyoo Mini, should release an extended version of the portable emulator.

Getting the best handheld console can be tedious as many brands try to get the pie with incredibly similar products. Last year, however, a small console from Miyoo broke the stereotypes and opened the floodgates wide for thousands of people.

Miyoo Mini is constantly out of stock and this is due to three factors. It’s about the size of a deck of playing cards, has a glossy screen, and finally, it’s relatively inexpensive. The device only costs about $60 and you can easily emulate games to PS1. You won’t be paying Steam Deck or Ayaneo prices for this Linux laptop.

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Then other leading manufacturers, namely Anbernic, tried to grab some of the Miyoo Mini’s market share with the Anbernic RG35XX, which looked similar to the Miyoo Mini but ended up being a little bigger, a common complaint from regular owners of Miyoo Mini.

The new Miyoo console is on the way

According to RetroDodo, Miyoo Mini+ is under development. Plus means its noticeably larger screen. According to our estimates, it measures around 3.5 inches with a 3:4 aspect ratio. Judging by the leaked images, the Miyoo Mini+ will also have a 3000mAh battery, which is leagues more than the original’s 1900mAh.

Curiously, since the button configuration hasn’t changed, we assume the Miyoo Mini+ will use the same internals as its smaller sibling.

We don’t have pricing details, but if it uses the same internals as a standard mini, then we expect it to cost around $80. The device will also be compatible with OnionOS, so you can configure the device for smoother operation.

It can happen sooner than you think

Miyoo Mini+ it appears to be ready for release and the seller claims to have stated on AliExpress that the release will take place right after the end of Chinese New Year.

So we could potentially see this console hit the market within a few weeks or days and we can’t wait.