Narayana College Teacher Pratyusha Commits Suicide News Viral on The Twitter and Social Media

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Narayana College Teacher Suicide Latest News:  We are covering the latest news headlines through our online sources about a physics teacher named Pratyusha who recently committed suicide. She passed away on Saturday, 6th August 2022. Since then the news has been making rounds all over the internet web. There are some people on social media who want to know the whole matter behind suicide. According to the reports, Pratyusha was a physics lecturer at Narayana College. Her demise news has shattered her family members as well as her close relatives. Currently, the Narayana College Teacher Suicide news is trending on the internet web. Get more information down below.

Narayana College Teacher Suicide

Who was Pratyusha?

Pratyusha was a teacher and Lecturer of Physics at the Narayana College in Anantapur, Arunachal Pradesh. She was just 26 years old when she committed suicide on 6th August 2022. According to the police reports, she committed suicide by standing in front of a running train. Her dead body was found on a railway track in Guddam, Arunachal Pradesh. In the meantime, the press released the news of the incident on its various news channel. You can check out the various post and photos of Pratyusha on Twitter and other social media platforms.

What happened to Pratyusha? Why did she commit Suicide?

According to the police reports, they got a suicide note in Pratyusha’s bag. In which she wrote that she was committing suicide because of her will, and she didn’t want to blame anyone for her suicide. The police got the statement from the family member of Pratyusha, they stated that she was getting depressed because of her health condition. She was suffering from stomach pain. Otherwise, she was a decent and kind-hearted woman. Yet, the investigation team is trying to figure out the cause of disease that compelled her to end her life.  

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Narayana College Teacher Suicide

Just a few days have passed since the Pratyusha Suicide news surfaced on the internet. Now there are millions of people engaged with the news. Talking about suicide cases, it has been the biggest concern for the country. There are thousands of Suicide cases we get every six to eight months in the country.

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