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Neha Singh is a well-renowned social media influencer. She is well known and admired by many of her followers on social media. Not only in social media but she also has a nice portfolio as a model. Neha always uploads her mesmerizing photos and videos on social media. She has an attractive slim and curvy body which is conventionally attractive and also makes her popular on social media. Her followers love to watch her pictures and admire her for that.

Neha Singh

Who is Neha Singh?

Neha was born on the 9th of February 1994 in Mumbai, Maharastra. That makes her 27 years old at the current time. Neha gets her popularity most of the time on social media like Twitter and Instagram. Neha has a nice portfolio on Instagram too. She has posted so many beautiful and mesmerizing pictures of herself on social media that people cannot get enough of.

According to her, she has been started modeling in her early childhood. In the beginning, she posted short videos of herself on site. After making a sufficient following she started posting on premium websites. The views and likes on the videos and pictures increase continuously. Neha said she has won so many hearts with her unique styles.

Neha Singh Wiki Bio, Age, Height, Leaked Video, and Photos

After a video,  Neha got viral and it create exponential growth in her social media accounts. People came to her accounts to see her and those who likes her other pictures and videos started following her.

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Neha currently has 2.8 million followers on Instagram. Not only that she also has a huge following on Twitter. She has 6 thousand followers on Twitter where she posts frequently to be connected to her followers.

Neha also has more than 21 thousand subscribers on her youtube channel where she posts some of her videos. She also has a strong following on Facebook. She has 225 thousand followers on Facebook.

Neha earns money from sponsors and video selling on the website like onlyfans.

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