“Ollie the Pit Bull: A Hero’s Final Act of Bravery”

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    Heartwarming: Ollie the pit bull saves 15-year-old Jaylee from house fire before dying

A brave pit bull who saved a girl from a house fire has died. Coastal Bend family dog ​​protects daughter from house fire. Let’s see how Ollie the Pitbull rescues 15-year-old Jaylee from a house fire before expiring in detail.

Home Fire Incident: Explained

On New Year’s Eve, a local family’s home went up in flames and they praise God for saving them. Jennifer Olenichak said she woke up to a disturbance to find her house on fire.

Olenichak said: “We heard this incredibly loud pounding on our wall and door. “So I shook him (my wife) and he woke up. He had earplugs so he wouldn’t hear the fireworks.

He was shocked to find that he didn’t even hear the door open. Olenichak said. She claims that after hearing her neighbor yell that her house was on fire, she immediately ran to the back door. Her deck and stairs were fully ablaze when she turned and peered through the door. She yelled at her daughter and husband to get out. She then grabbed her Shih Tzo and six puppies.

“I started to run outside with them, but I tripped and stopped. My husband was already out on the deck when I started throwing the puppies out on the patio, so he started grabbing them and throwing them out,” Olenichak said.

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“There was a seven-foot flame and I saw my last two puppies on fire and after a few minutes I screamed to my husband,” the woman recalled. Oh God, save me! I just shouted. And suddenly the fire subsided and I jumped,” Olenichak explained.

How does Pitbull Ollie save 15-year-old Jaylee?

The Olenichaks’ 15-year-old daughter, Jaylee, started screaming, “Oli, Olli woke me up!” as her husband and neighbors helped the woman up and out into the street. When the fire first started, Jaylee was awakened by Ollie, the Olenichaks’ pit bull, who helped Jaylee escape in time.

She admitted that she heard the door open. Ollie entered the space. Ollie, where are you? therefore, we were unable to find it,” Olenichak added.

“He was my hero; he saved my daughter’s life. He was the best dog in the world,” Olenichak said. The next day, the family is looking for Ollie in all the wrong places. They searched the burned house, posted on social media and even in neighborhood shelters, but by January 9, nothing had been found.

“When my husband walked in, he immediately noticed it next to my daughter’s bed. He collapsed at the foot of the bed after inhaling smoke. And I just want to give him a big hug because Jayley would have died if he hadn’t gone in there, Olenichak added.

The Oleniczaks were able to rescue four pets, but lost seven. She claims that no one is sure of the origin of the fire. The GoFundMe was created by the family.


This is Jenny. Two days ago, after much prayer, we finally found our hero Ollie in Jaley’s bedroom. He must have collapsed from smoke inhalation because his body was not burned. We are devastated by the loss of not only Ollie, but also Sasha, Cowboy, Fancy and Princess and 2 puppies (5 weeks old). I will forever be grateful for Ollie and our loyal friends! He fulfilled his purpose on this earth by saving my daughter! He woke her up just before our neighbors were banging on our back door.

I am so thankful for our neighbors who woke up while we slept. We were overwhelmed by God’s grace and goodness! He saved us that night and used so many people who blessed us. We have a long way to go but I want to thank you all for your encouragement and generosity and most importantly for your prayers.

Everything can be replaced, but our lives cannot! Thank you to everyone who helped us and we love you with all our hearts! May God bless you 100 fold! For those who do not believe in God…I am alive and I am a witness that there is a God and you are precious to Him! He will answer when you call him in your darkest hour! God bless you all and thank you for those who continue to give. In the name of Jesus. amen

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