“One Piece Long Journey: An Epic Adventure Awaits”

Welcome to the world of One Piece Odyssey, a turn-based Japanese role-playing game set in the grand universe of the One Piece franchise. Join the Straw Hat Pirates as they embark on a daring adventure to find the legendary One Piece. Along the way, they will face powerful enemies, explore mysterious lands, and encounter old friends in a world full of unexpected twists and turns. With a unique mix of traditional JRPG mechanics and the beloved characters from the One Piece series, One Piece Odyssey promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans of the franchise.

The game was released on January 13, 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5. Reviews of the game have been generally positive, with a Metacritic score of 82 on PC and 76 on PS5. Shack News called One Piece Odyssey “a Japanese RPG that fans have wanted for an excruciatingly long time”, praising its original story, turn-based JRPG gameplay, generous rewards for side quests and exploration, and sincere and interesting interplay between its characters. On the other hand, CGMagazine gave the game a 4/10, citing its tedious gameplay and horrendous pacing.

One Piece Odyssey offers a unique and exciting experience for fans of the franchise. With its captivating story, interesting characters, and engaging gameplay, One Piece Odyssey is sure to be a hit with fans of the series. So what are you waiting for? Join the Straw Hat Pirates and embark on an epic journey to find One Piece today!

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One Piece Odyssey has arrived and the Straw Hat Pirates embark on another risky adventure that leads them astray in search of One Piece. In this new JRPG, the Straw Hat Pirates enter the 3D genre for the first time. Is the union of traditional JRPG mechanics and the One Piece franchise effective? We’ll find out about that when we look at the results of the One Piece Odyssey review.

One Piece Odyssey was released on January 13, 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5. In this article, we’ll look at One Piece Odyssey reviews given by video game critics through the lens of Metacritic. Is the game good and worth the money? Let’s find out.

One Piece Odyssey Review Score: 82 on PC, 76 on PS5.

One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based Japanese role-playing game set in Warford, a new island where the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves abandoned and separated from each other. The Straw Hat Pirates meet here with Lim, a priestess who steals the abilities of the entire team, making them a little more dependent on their inherent skills. The Straw Hat Pirates will then need to find their lost abilities so they can regain their lost abilities and explore Memory, a world built from their memories but with slight changes.

The game takes place after the Dress Rose arc, meaning that any other episode before and including Dress Rose can appear as players explore the memories of the Straw Hat Pirates in Memoria. Each memory they visit has its own highlight — the “what if” scenario that plays out a little differently than the episodes we see in the anime. It also gives fans an additional perspective on the perspectives of other characters in these parts of the plot, effectively complementing what we already know about these stories by adding an extra layer of garnish to them.

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one A piece of the Odyssey is slightly different from other turn-based JRPGs as there is no fixed turn order in the game. Instead, players can choose which member of their party to act first, allowing players to use the rock-scissors-paper damage system so that they can take out each successive enemy. One Piece Odyssey is also unique in that it has different “battle zones” where there is at least one member of your party. Members of your party can freely move from one zone to another or swap places with one of your inactive characters. This somehow simplifies most of the complexity of the game and, for better or worse, players can go through a full 30 or more hours of the main story without ever bothering.

The PS5 version of the game One Piece Odyssey received a score of 76 on Metacritic. The PC version of the game received a score of 82 on Metacritic.

Shack News is calling One Piece Odyssey “a Japanese RPG that fans have wanted for an excruciatingly long time” in its review of the game with a 9/10 rating. The original story (separate from the anime and manga) is listed as a huge plus, and the ability for players to revisit past events in One Piece history is the icing on the cake. Shack News also praised the game for its turn-based JRPG gameplay, its generous rewards for side quests and exploration as well as item creation, and the sincere and interesting interplay between its characters. However, the review noted as a weak point of the game its slow and abrupt pace, and some chapters and cutscenes seem rushed.

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Among the average reviews, IGN gave One Piece Odyssey a 7/10. Reviewer Mitchell Saltzman summed up his review as follows: “One Piece Odyssey proves that the classic turn-based RPG is a good genre fit for the world and characters of One Piece, and that makes it worthwhile, despite the lack of tension in its too-easy battles and slightly disappointing mission design that increases its length.

Not all reviewers are roses though, as there are some who have One Piece Odyssey bad grade. One of these includes a game review from CGMagazine, which puts One Piece Odyssey at just a measly 4/10. Reviewer Preston Doss’s review reads: “One Piece Odyssey is a tedious game, with horrendous pacing and progression issues destroying what little good there is to be found in the plot and combat.”

Needless to say, good reviews for One Piece Odyssey show that this is a great game, especially if you are a fan of One Piece. If you’re a fan of Japanese RPGs, then you might want to check out One Piece Odyssey’s unique approach – at least through the demo version. But it’s not necessary, much less required, so if you’re not a JRPG or One Piece fan, you can sleep easy without playing Odyssey.