The Terrible Templar Review: Move fast and smash things

Terrible Templar it’s like stepping into a time machine. There’s nothing new about modern shooters copying their ’90s forebears, but Dread Templar seems like it was released in that golden age, and just the way your enemies turn into blood-soaked body parts hints at modern technology at work under the hood. It’s a love letter … Read more

ChatGPT Pro: Price, Features and How to Get

ChatGPT It is reportedly getting a “Pro” option that will cost $42 per month. This comes after OpenAI said it was looking into ways to monetize AI. Since its launch, ChatGPT provided its users with a host of features helping programmers, writing stories, and even recording homework for students. But with OpenAI riding on the … Read more

How did Peggy Hickey die? Broadway choreographer’s cause of death explained

Peggy Hickey, one of today’s most versatile artists and award-winning choreographers who worked extensively in theater, opera, film and television, has died. Let’s see what happened to her and the cause of Peggy Hickey’s death in detail. What happened to Peggy Hickey? We are saddened to announce that Peggy Hickey, director and choreographer, has passed … Read more