WATCH: Palang Tod Damaad Ji Season 2 Part 1 Web Series All Episodes, Star Cast, Story, Full Review, & Latest Details

Palang Tod Damaad Ji Season 2 Part 1 Review: Recently part one of the damad Ji was released and streamed on the OTT platform. The release is created a huge buzz on the internet and on social media.  the maker of the exotic series “Palang Tod” is set to drop another electrifying installment to make the audience feel over the top after the release. Palang Tod (Damaad Ji-Season 2) Part-1 is according to makers memorable and remarkable in their storytelling.

 the series is containing high voltage drama and fantasy-rich scenes with many erotic scenes sprinkled over it.

Palang Tod Damaad Ji Season 2 Part 1

Palang Tod Damaad Ji Season 2 Part 1 Web Series Full Review & Latest Details

 now the makers are coming back with another season of the show and I am pretty sure that this season will be another massive hit for the makers. The makers are releasing “Palang Tod (Damaad Ji- Season 2) Part-1” on 7th June 2022 officially on ULLU.

According to the representative of the ULLU app, Ullu releases the Charmsukh web series last week and that is still trending on the app and website, Now coming to this Ullu original show Damaad Ji Season 2.

Palang Tod Damaad Ji Season 2 Part 1

The story revolves around a couple who comes to spend their vacation at the girl’s mother’s house, because they want to get the peace, and therefore, they come to make some golden memories in her mother’s home. They wanted to be away from their hectic life at home. The couple doesn’t have much time for each other in their normal life because of their family and official commitment. They came to her mother’s home to be with themselves without any outside interference.

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Palang Tod Damaad Ji Season 2 Part 1 Web Series Star Cast, Story, & Release Date

  But as soon as the girl’s mother sees her son-in-law her intentions get spoiler as she wants to make her fantasy life over the top with her daughter’s husband.  She was looking for someone for a long time and after her daughter with a loving husband of her . she find herself craving for him to fulfill her fantasies. therefore, when she holds his hand she feels shocked and decides to do something with him, and both puts the four moons into each other’s life.

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