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Avatar Limits of Pandora is an upcoming open-world action game set in the Avatar universe. It’s set in the second Avatar: The Last Airbender movie, but in a completely different region of Pandora. It’s planned to be a first-person action game, although we haven’t seen any specific gameplay so far.

We know about Avatar: The Borders of Pandora for a while since the game was officially unveiled in 2021. Since the announcement, the game has only been shown once, which means we still have a lot of questions. about what will happen in the beginning.

Everyone’s main question is when Avatar: The Borders of Pandora will actually be released. So far we have a wide window, but no real details from Ubisoft. We’ll likely get an update in the coming months, and as soon as we do, this page will be updated. For now, here’s everything we know about Avatar: Pandora’s Box right now.

Avatar: The Borderlands of Pandora release date

Ubisoft has recently pushed back several release dates for its future projects. Speaking in a press release, the company announced that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be released sometime in 2023/2024. This applies to the fiscal year 2023-2024, which will run until March 2024. We can expect the game to be released earlier, but no specific updates have been offered yet. As soon as we know more, this section will be updated.


Currently only two”Avatar: The Borders of Pandora” trailers were released. The first is a cinematic trailer showing the world of Pandora. You can watch it below:

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Another trailer released is more like a dev diary, giving a deeper look at the technology and systems that will be in the game. Dynamic timing, ray tracing and AI behavior are detailed:

A game

Avatar gameplay currently: The Borders of Pandora not disclosed. We know that it will be a first-person action game where the player will play as a Na’vi, embarking on a journey across the western border of Pandora. Judging by the developers’ comments, players will be able to ride flying riders and interact with non-player characters in the open world.

This is everything we know so far about Avatar: The Borders of Pandora. This page will be updated as more information becomes available. To learn more about Avatar, check out our report on how James Cameron shot Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 earlier to avoid the aging issue in Stranger Things.

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