“Pikachu: Still a Pokemon Fan Favorite as Trainers Reveal Most Popular Monsters”

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Introduction: With the Pokemon franchise having been around for over two decades, the beloved yellow creature, Pikachu, has become the face of the brand. However, recent search data shows that other pocket monsters have their own fanbases around the world. Mew and Mewtwo are popular in countries such as Afghanistan, Bahrain, and Kuwait, while Charizard is favored in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Singapore. Eevee is also loved in Finland, Israel, and Estonia. While Pikachu remains the fan favorite, it will be interesting to see if the status quo changes in the coming years.

Google search data shows which countries favor certain Pokemon, though Pikachu remains the fan favorite pocket monster.

Since the creation of the beloved franchise over 20 years ago, Pikachu more or less serves as the face of the brand. This makes sense given the character’s prominence in the long-running Pokemon anime series.

The bright yellow creature even starred in its own live-action Detective Pikachu movie, further cementing its status as a Pokemon figure.

But this particular little monster isn’t the only one fans around the world have a special affection for. As recent search data shows, quite a few countries are searching Pokemon elsewhere.

Google data shows that Pikachu is a favorite among Pokemon fans.

Content creator Patterrz recently shared a map showing “the most popular Pokemon in the world.” EnterTheToyZone developed a map based on Google search data.

According to the collected data, Pikachu rules in most countries, including many countries in South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

However, the detailed map reveals a few surprises related to the search. For example, Mew and Mewtwo appear quite a few times; the neighboring territories of Afghanistan, Bahrain and Kuwait seem to be particularly favourites Meow.

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Charizard is another popular pocket monster that most often appears in search results in regions such as the United Kingdom, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and Singapore.

Eevee also gets a lot of love around the world, with Finland, Israel, and Estonia searching for this type of Pokemon the most.

So while Pikachu clearly dominates as the favorite Pokemon, a host of other creatures have also earned their place in the spotlight.

While Pikachu and Ash’s story ends in the anime, it will be interesting to see if the status quo changes in the coming years.