“Pink Sauce Set to Return to Wal Mart After Social Media Scandal”

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Introducing the newest sensation in condiments, Pink Sauce! Developed by Chef Pius and made popular by TikTok, this unique pink-hued sauce is finally ready to hit the shelves of Walmart stores nationwide. After a period of intense scrutiny on social media, Chef Pius has decided to partner with Dave’s Gourmet Hot Sauce to make Pink Sauce available to the public. Starting in mid-January, you can find the sauce at 4300 Walmart locations across the United States. In addition, it will be available on Walmart’s website until July 2023, when it will be released to other retailers. Dave’s Gourmet has addressed any food safety concerns by assuring the public that the sauce is produced on a commercial scale with FDA recommendations in an SQF-certified facility. For those who are curious to try this unique condiment, reviews have reported a rich flavor with a hint of sweetness. Don’t miss out on the newest trend and pick up a bottle of Pink Sauce today!

To the cook Pius viral Pink Sauce will soon be available for purchase at Walmart after a social media scrutiny last year.

Pink Sauce is one of the most viral products created by TikTok. The sauce first appeared online in the summer of 2022, promising a rich flavor with a unique pink hue.

Gained popularity in social networks, the creator of Chef Drink sauce decided to start selling his colorful condiment to fans…but controversy soon arose after consumers raised concerns about the dressing’s safety.

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Several users were contacted TikTok to address these issues, saying their sauce went bad due to the hot summer heat when it was shipped, while others pointed to some inconsistencies in the ingredients list on the package.


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Despite these obstacles, Pink Sauce became a partner with Dave’s Gourmet hot sauce brand in August 2022 and originally planned to have the sauce in stores this fall.

Walmart becomes the exclusive seller of Pink Sauce until July 2023.

In 2023, the sauce will be available at 4300 Walmart locations in the United States starting in mid-January, as well as on Walmart’s website.

Walmart will be the exclusive stockist of Pink Sauce until July of this year, so until then it will be the only major brand stocking the condiment if you want to get your hands on a bottle.

Dave’s Gourmet addressed the food safety concerns surrounding Pink Sauce in a press release announcing this latest news, stating that they “produce Pink Sauce on a commercial scale in accordance with the required food safety manufacturing regulations and also sell the product through retail, catering and e-shops.” -trade channels in the US and other countries.”

“The sauce is produced in accordance with FDA recommendations in an SQF-certified facility and is stable during storage,” they added.

For those interested in the taste of pink sauce, last year we reviewed a bottle of TikTok’s famous spice, which you can read right here on Dexerto.